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The Undergraduate Degree in Interior Design (240 ECTS) prepares professionals who are capable of planning internal spaces, from a private house, a commercial space, a stand for a fair or an exhibition space, as well as furniture or special pieces thanks to their basic knowledge on product design.

Students learn to observe trends and how styles evolve in social and cultural contexts, and also to comprehend and interpret the specific exigencies and expectations of each client, while encouraging creativity and expressive freedom, and respecting the demands from a user and the technical problems that may be involved. These abilities arise thanks to acquiring a great sensitivity towards projects and an interdisciplinary culture.

Professional outcomes: Interior architecture, decorator, interior designer, ephemeral spaces designer, etc.

This Course is held also in: Milan -  Rome - 
  • Credits
  • Start date
    September 2017
  • Duration
    4 years
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The Undergraduate Degree in Interior Design (240 ECTS) offers an educational path that teaches students to plan internal spaces, which respond to the physical and functional features of spaces surrounding an individual. To do so, there’s a study of analysis on functional and ergonomic needs, and emotional needs: to feel protected and safe though the space.

At the same time, communicational aspects take relevance, both in spatial and motion graphics, bearing in mind the mobility of the final user in the designed space. This activity blends creative contribution with research on new trends, usage of new materials and technological applications, always respecting the environment.

The first year of this degree is focused on acquiring basic concepts of design, culture and project methods. Students learn to dare to create and communicate.

The second year is focused on developing one’s own creativity individually, and starting to study specialization-related tools such as: construction drafting, installations, space, volume and lighting, Autocad, Rhino and 3D Max, construction management and costs, and communication using Illustrator and Photoshop and oral communication.

The third year means the beginning of collaborations with companies and new, more technical and complex projects, with prototypes and real costs. Work is developed in transversal teams composed by students of Product, Interior and Transportation design. In addition, new materials will be studied such as sustainable or technological materials, nanomaterials, etc.

During the fourth year students take a compulsory internship in a company and each one chooses a professional profile. Creative management acquires a great relevance through project management and rethinking, modifying and refining projects to respond properly to users’ and market’s needs. Lastly, the degree final project is developed in collaboration with real companies, where prototypes are produced. In successful cases, those prototypes will evolve and manufacture to be launched into the market.

Duration: 4 years

Start: September 2017

Remarkable is that teacher who accomplishes himself what he teaches to others.
(Italian proverb)

IED faculty are professionals that daily face the market. Here you can read their bios.

Ignasi Pérez Arnal

Ignasi Pérez Arnal
General Communication Coordinator at nibug and Co-funder of CIIB. He has directed the ecoarchitectural firm Arquitectura y Entorno AxE founded in Barcelona. Consultant to companies in the sectors of construction, housing and communication technologies as Ecotek, Coperfil, Cricursa, Finsa, among others. Consultant on projects of high environmental quality. He holds a position in the Editorial Board of Espazio, a magazine focused in Technical Textiles and Stressed Textiles.

Pere Ortega, Bet Cantallops

Pere Ortega, Bet Cantallops
Members of the team “SAETA ESTUDI”. Specialists in designing ephemeral spaces.

Marc Beltran

Marc Beltran
Partner of onze04architecture, with offices in Barcelona and Nantes, and member of the team of collaborators at FACTOR of communication and advertising. He designs, produces and sells the bicycle accessory bbbr platform under the registered brand.

Felipe Araujo

Felipe Araujo
Graphic and Interior Designer for EGUE and SETA. Graphic and Interior Designer for MMInteriorisme. Artist Art Materials “Grupo Vicenç Piera” Design and Director of the Marketing Department. Design and Digital Layout at Bisagra Magazine.

Raquel Gil

Raquel Gil
Works manager and coordinator with Codecsa, Eurgabinet and Kinara. Creator of C-in Construint Interiors, developing functions as Project & Construction Manager.

Affonso Orcciuoli

Affonso Orcciuoli
Brazilian-Italian architect. He is specialized in software applications in design, simulation and manufacturing. Co-founder at RBFD (Sao Paulo).

Hiroshi Tsunoda

Hiroshi Tsunoda
Founder of HTDS design studio. He has worked for brands like Montgatina, Cerabella or Lladró. Creative director of Design Code, editor designer with points of sale in Europe, America and Japan.

Charmaine Lay

Charmaine Lay
Charmaine Lay, architect at soto lay architects and CLCM architects.

Enrica Mosciaro

Enrica Mosciaro
Her studio, Fusina6, develops projects of architecture, interior design and industrial design. She collaborates with the Italian lighting company Viabizzuno and her work has been included in several events and exhibitions such as the exhibition Partire, Tornare, Restare; Selinunte, Tokyo, Architetti italiani in Spagna oggi Exhibition, Buenos Aires and Miami among others.