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The Fashion Communication and Marketing - Academic Year focuses on two of the main factors that determine whether brands that compete in the Fashion system will be successful or not. It aims at training professionals to create and manage integrated promotion strategies, seek external relations with other professional figures working in the field, monitor advertising campaigns, maintain relations with the media and organise events and runway shows. The course is held in partnership with Luisaviaroma, one of the best Italian e-commerce websites for luxury fashion world wide.

The course is aimed at young professionals that wish to improve their competitiveness or change their professional direction; students who wish to gain the basis of Communication and Marketing in the Fashion field both for a continuing education or for entering the working world; and Fashion, Communication or Marketing students who wish to explore the specifics of the Fashion world in their chosen field of study.

At the conclusion of the year-long program participants have the possibility of requesting a 3 to 6 months internship in a fashion company.

Florence is the focal point of the Italian renaissance and home to an incredible cultural, artistic and architectural patrimony. These proud traditions are still part of the economic and creative fabric and are a fundamental component of the curriculum. This is why Florence offers, more than other art cities, a unique inspirational patrimony of artistic and cultural heritage that serves as the backdrop to the Academic year program.

Special Projects: Within the last editions of the Academic years collaborations have included companies such as:, Fendi, Guess Europe, Emilio Pucci, Emilio Cavallini, Gold, Elisabetta Franchi, Calvin Klein underwear, Versace, The Mall, I Gigli and many Others.

  • Start date
    February 2017
  • Duration
    30 weeks
  • Attendance
  • Language

The Fashion Communication and Marketing - Academic Year is structured as a transversal and focused program that is developed through courses that aim at preparing participants to work in the fashion world. This is achieved during classes and special projects where participants will be working alongside real companies and professional figures, face real issues and improve their problem solving and analysis skills. Academic Years also give a solid basis for participants who wish to further their education. The program will focuse on the specific topics of pertinence to the Fashion sector in terms of communicative image and public relations, visual merchandising, business plans, pricing and strategic planning through traditional and new media.

These courses aim at providing the transversal and multi-faceted approach necessary to successfully navigate and communicate in the Fashion system, including specific courses on the basics of Fashion Communication, New Media (Digital Communication- focusing on fashion blogging) and Event Planning. The Social Media aspect is enhanced by the partnership with Luisaviaroma and the avant-garde solutions that Florentine artisans are requesting to remain competitive in a world wide market.

The IED has a long and outstanding tradition in the training of profiles for Fashion Design & Management and through the years has developed several contacts and projects with main companies in the Fashion field. This gives participants the added advantage of working alongside professionals and companies during the year and of creating innovative and competitive projects that help participants understand the real issues of the fashion world and improve their team working and creative problem solving skills.

Duration and attendance: 30 weeks (15 +15) full time

Students can build their own Academic Year by mixing together single semester programs as follows:

September 6th, 2016 Fashion Marketing - Fall semester  +  February 7th, 2017 Fashion Communication - Spring Semester 
September 6th, 2016 Fashion Marketing - Fall semester  + February 7th, 2017 Fashion Styling - Spring Semester
February 7th, 2017 Fashion Communication - Spring Semester + September 5h, 2017  Fashion Marketing - Fall semester 
February 7th, 2017 Fashion Communication - Spring Semester + September 5h, 2017  New Media - Fall semester
February 7th, 2017 Fashion Styling - Spring Semester + September 5h, 2017  Fashion Marketing - Fall semester 
February 7th, 2017 Fashion Styling - Spring Semester + September 5h, 2017  New Media - Fall semester

Dalla Faculty bisogna togliere: Troy Nachtigall, Annaluisa Franco e Flores Zanchi.

  • Fall

    • Fashion Communication

      The communication chain and its applications to fashion Events of all types: from launching parties to runways, from select events to product communication, company blogs and customer care. Focus on Professional Presentations: Public speaking and portfolio creation to always manage company presentations, interviews and emphasize your skills correctly.

    • Fashion History

      A synthesis of fashion through recent times to analyze how it is culturally percieved and promoted world-wide.

    • Semiotics For Fashion

      The course concentrates on clothing and its expressive and semiotic components, including how it is represented in different systems. Fashion is interpreted as a story regulated by a specific code that makes it different from every other phenomenon of communications.

    • Digital Communication (advanced)

    • Fashion Materials

      The course offers an analysis of the factors that contribute to the structure of a fashion collection: from the production of fabrics to the composition of a fashion product and the different elements that create it.

    • Introduction To Fashion Events

      Covers the basics of Fashion Event planning and communicating starting with the study of case histories of events. Deals with the interconnectivity of physical and digital planning and how to effectively manage a project, client or event with digital tools to increase integrated communication strategies.

    • Visual Language

      Introduction to aesthetics; an historical and critical analysis of the most important modern and contemporary artistic and fashion movements, in relation to the development of society and of culture.

    • Branding

      The identification of a company’s identity, image and values as a foundation for its effective communication, success and growth. The promotion of a product or service through it’s image, logo or graphics. 


    • Communication And Public Relations

      Prerequisites: Fashion Communication or equivalent. How to use the press office; how to relate and communicate to other roles in the fashion world from designers to marketers, from photographers and other communicators to clients.

    • Social Medias

    • History of Fashion Photography

      Exploring the styles and lives of the leading exponents of fashion photography, so as to evaluate their impact on the imagery projected by fashion itself and to make a technical analysis of their style of composition, the influences they exert on one another and their role as trend catalysts.

    • Fashion Event Communication

    • Fashion Marketing I

      The course offers the basics of marketing in both theoretical and technical terms. From theories and strategies to aid comprehension of commercial contexts to the role of advertising businesses in the establishment of a fashion brand.

    • Trend Forecasting

      The study of trends and their origins and predictions; based on cultural and economic factors, participants study the colors, materials and styles that are upcoming and relevant to the renewal of fashion.

    • Final Thesis

Remarkable is that teacher who accomplishes himself what he teaches to others.
(Italian proverb)

IED faculty are professionals that daily face the market. Here you can read their bios.

Gabriele Goretti - Coordinator

Gabriele Goretti - Coordinator
Architect, designer, senior researcher in fashion design strategy and luxury goods market. Senior researcher within joint research Labs between Academia and advanced craftsmanship SMES. PhD in Industrial design, his professional profile is focusing on relationships between design strategies and advanced manufacturing processes. Moreover his research is focusing on product values communication through design-driven innovation based on technology innovation and traceability.

Camilla Di Biagio

Camilla Di Biagio
Camilla began her career by organizing runway shows and following fashion events and theatrical productions as a costumer at the age of 17. Camilla specializes in Event organization and shooting production, particularly of fashion exhibitions and runway shows both in Italy and abroad. Some of her past collaborations include: Studio Galgano, Redstudio, Alta Roma, Stefania d’Alessando Make-up, Sergio Valente, Philip Morris Italia, You, Mandarina Duck and Bulgari. Courses taught: Professor of Fashion Events, Visual Language and Creativity Technique, Events Organization, Styling. 

Claudia Gelosa

Claudia Gelosa
Claudia is specialized in Marketing and Communication, having developed her skills as the advertisement and communication director for several national and international brands in the fashion, sportswear and accessories field. Since 2003 she is actively involved in the Archea Associates Architecture Association where she became Press release and Event coordinator until 2005. Currently Claudia follows several Press release projects for Design studios, Fashion and Architecture brands.

Riccardo Bresciani

Riccardo Bresciani
Riccardo Bresciani is a 360° freelance consultant in communication and marketing. He's been working for years with the most important national and international research institutes, dealing with clients such as food international companies and fashion and luxury worldwide relevant brands. In particular, he's been in charge for brand strategic analysis, from market concept to development plans and competitive (re)positioning.   He also works as a company consultant on marketing and advertising techniques, and he's a strategic planner to coordinate activities for nationally relevant projects. He's in charge for a University of Bologna research project that aims to map the advertising creative trends in Italy within the years 2000-2012. He published with Claudio Marenco Mores (Calvin Klein's Italy Accessories Product Manager) two essays in two books: Gossip. Strategie di Marketing del pettegolezzo (BUP 2011) and Architetture dei territori ibridi (Pendragon 2012). Since 2008 he's been teaching Communication and Marketing at the faculty of psychology, University of Bologna. He's been teaching Fashion Marketing, Semiotics and Project Management at IED Firenze since 2011.

Costanza Menchi

Costanza Menchi
Costanza Menchi was born in Florence. She graduated at University of Florence in Art history specializing in History of costume and fashion, she's always been interested in costume and fashion as disciplines that reflect culture and society of a country and as a communication tool. Her skills are interdisciplinary, from costume to visual arts, to fashion to theatre, cinema, photography and music. At the end of her study program she further specialized in Italian Studies, Culture and Communication at Middlebury College (VT). She taught Fashion Studies both in United States and in Italy, teaches at IED Florence since 2009. Costanza believes in learning by doing and works for promoting the authentical Italian art craftsmanship, she is the founder of Let’s Work Artisans! the didactic project of the Associazione OmA in Florence. For further information on her projects visit: http://www.costanzamenchi.it