Growing the Green Economy in an industrial heartland.


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More than just an industrial hub, since the end of the nineteenth century Turin has been a home to research and innovation in fields ranging from filmmaking and fashion to communications, visual arts and humanities.

Its vocation for eclecticism and experimenting has made it one of the world most important auto industry capitals and, in recent decades, a world-class benchmark for a new culture of food and for research into environmental sustainability.

IED Turin is recognized with some authority as one of the world most important centers for the training in transportation design. Aligned with the knowledge and research typical of its context, this campus develops and focuses its design work towards concepts of future mobility and the most advanced and innovative manufacturing clusters.

Professionals who are competent in environmentally sustainable design are increasingly sought-after by private industry and by public administration.


Three years courses
Major in Illustration and Animation

The course of Illustration and Animation aims at forming a design professional who gives shape and life to an idea, concept, character or situation thanks to his /her extraordinary capacity to represent, mimic or transform creativity into reality. The illustrator possesses a deep knowledge of the language and the specific techniques used in the various areas of application.
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