March 6, 2012

Paolo Ulian meets IED Design students

On Friday 10th February  2012, Paolo Ulian told his experience to Product design students, attending the 1st year, at IED Design Milan. Exceptional moderator of the meeting was Aldo Colonetti, editor of the magazine Ottagono and IED Italy Advisory Board coordinator.

From the academy of fine arts to the industrial design: in 1990 Ulian won the “Design for Europe in Belgium” award with his thesis project and, at the end of that year, he started working with Enzo Mari. The master passed him the passion for the designer work and an ethical sensibility that can be expressed by tracing back the design rational.

Since 1992, Ulian has been working in Tuscany and he has developed a personal design method that he shared with the students attending the IED Design School.

“There are three rules to become a good designer”, Ulian explained. “The first one is looking around, that is to say favouring the everyday behaviours through the design in order to improve the daily life.

The second rule is “using what already exists”: it is necessary a material approach aimed at a structural decoration and not at an aesthetic and pure one.

The third rule – strictly connected to the second one – is “designing by considering the discard” and represents the challenge of the future designers who will have to use their intelligence with reference to the design anticipation, i.e. they will have to pay particular attention to the life of the object, from its production to its disposal”.

According to Ulian, the design value reveals itself in its ethical and social implications, and, therefore, in the ability to design objects that can diffuse thoughts and that are able – more than many other words – to let people think.