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Master - Rome

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What is fashion? What is luxury? Fashion is a form of art or business? And luxury, does it exist yet in the twenty-first century, or its genetic mutation, imposed by the spread of the affordable luxury of '80s, as a means of brand extension, has come to an end? The Master in Luxury Marketing Management answers these and other questions, examining closely the fashion market, its interpreters, the different business models and industry communication. Participants experience the luxury concept in different socio-cultural contexts and identify the strategies of seduction and expansion applied by the big brands in mature markets and in the BRIC economies, through the study of the monopoly exercised by the great signs of the luxury industry in sectors such as fashion, automotive, yachts, watches, lifestyle, food & beverage, gateways.

Career opportunities: At the end of the Master, students will have magnificent job opportunities to become a Luxury Marketing Manager in various areas of marketing management (product, retail, merchandising, sales strategies, communication) within the international luxury brands.

  • Start date
    January 2017
  • Duration
    1 year
  • Attendance
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Entry Requirements: The Master in Luxury Marketing Management considers applicants having a relevant Honours degree or an equivalent academic qualification in economics, communication, sociology, fashion, creative disciplines who wish to acquire practical knowledge and expertise in the luxury sector.

Structure and Methodology: The Master analyzes the fashion system as a contemporary industry that finds great opportunities for development thanks to a new way of understanding the marketing mix: the fashion product of the third millennium is sophisticated but wearable, original but timeless; the price is affordable but a "mental" discriminant for the target; distribution is global, yet maintaining a strong local recognition with a consequent customization of the product in different markets; communication makes use of the new marketing models (digital and social networks, blogs, viral communication, sensory communication, video communication) and the power acquired by the reputation of the brand in the consumer's mind.

The Master in Luxury Marketing Management analyzes luxury as an artisanal creation, the result of tradition, innovation, know-how, quality, both intrinsic and perceived. Luxury is also investigated as an economic instrument that promotes social distinction influencing purchasing decisions, but also as an exercise of the industrial power that sees the highest growth potential. The sectors of the luxury industry examined are: fashion, design, art, jewelry, watches, beauty, travel, accommodation, yachts, private aircrafts, cars, private banking, real estate and personal services.

The Marketing & Branding unit will cover subjects, such as distribution policies, the value of the leading international brands in the fashion industry, the suggestion of the life style in the communication of the brand and the product.

The course analyzes the behaviors and needs of consumers, the trends, the development of luxury items, the approaches to marketing, sales and customer satisfaction based on the Internet and social media. Students will learn the use of apps, m-sites, and social media for making international campaigns.

Together with anthropology, art and fashion, psychology, color theory, students will examine the contemporary fashion, brands and international designers, protagonists of current trends, and key factors to be able to interpret the dynamics of the industry today and in the near future.

The course includes communication in the fashion industry and subjects such as strategic planning, advertising, the basics of journalism, creative writing, the copy writing, editing, and graphics.

Of particular importance are the analysis of the work of the press office, the media relations and public relations, sponsorships, direct product and brand communications through an event.

The Master ends with the Final Project realized on a chosen topic among seminars and presented in a personal portfolio, aimed at checking the skills acquired.

  • Teachings

    • History and Sociology of fashion and Luxury

      How changes in contemporary societies have transformed the nature of the companies in fashion and luxury, from small family businesses to multinationals listed on stock exchanges around the world.

    • Total quality management & how to create an effective action plan

      To know the holistic approach to long-term success that views continuous improvement in all aspects of an organization as a process radically transforming the organization through progressive changes in the attitudes, practices, structures, and systems.

    • Creating an effective presentation

      Creating an effective presentation through storytelling, visualizing and presentation.

    • Principles of Marketing Management

      Learn about the marketing process and examine the range of marketing decisions that an organization must make in order to sell its products and services.  How to think like a marketer, discovering that the focus of marketing has always been on the consumer.

    • Off-Line brand Communication

      Grasping the deep meaning of "brand essence" as the first step to build a coherent and successful communication plan.

    • Off line PR Communication

      Learn about the role that PR plays in the management of a luxury brand and how the PR division interacts with corporate business units and both corporate/local marketing divisions in order to define yearly and long term PR plans with two primary objectives: enhancement of the brand and the support of sales.

    • Digital Marketing & Social Media Communication

      How to handle online strategic marketing/communication.

    • Luxury world (automotive, yacht, jewelry, fashion, shoes, hospitality, beauty)

      To gain a deeper understanding of the Luxury industry.

    • Photography and Visual Perception

      Symbolic journey into the labyrinth of emotions, to recognize and manage this charming State of mind. Learn to see beyond the triviality of the appearance, abandoning that insignificant need to value nothingness.

    • CV Assessment, team building

      CV Assessment, team building.

    • Thesis

      The development of an individual project.

Remarkable is that teacher who accomplishes himself what he teaches to others.
(Italian proverb)

IED faculty are professionals that daily face the market. Here you can read their bios.

​Coordinator: Fabiana Romano

​Coordinator: Fabiana Romano
Degree in Economics at LUISS – Guido Carli, in Rome; specializations in “Integrated Communications” and “Media Training & Public Speaking” at Florida State University (USA) and Luther Pendragon (UK). From 1994 to 2000 she works in New York, Los Angeles and Paris in the fashion industry and as Executive Producer for TV sport productions. In 2000 she moves back to Italy and after managing the start-up of the External Relations area for a leading multinational group in the finance sector, she is in charge of the Internationalization of an important public institution. In 2004 she founds Combust, a marketing and communication agency. Member of AIF, since 2006 she teaches at IED and in post-graduation masters. Since 2009 she teaches at University of Minnesota, Michigan State University and Santa Barbara City College. Since 2010 she is the Editor in Chief of OM Magazine, a quarterly luxury and lifestyle three-lingual magazine. Author of the book “Passione I.T.A.L.I.A” published by Mondadori (2011).

Maria Aurora Di Pietro

Maria Aurora Di Pietro
Training Consultant with experience in: Training delivery and developing – product, non-technical, financial services & Insurance, communication and NLP, marketing and Client research, public speaking and Focus groups. Call center training and coaching services, assessment center. Automotive product launch experience both technical, client oriented and marketing. Customer Focus Program and CSI. Bachelor in Economics at LUISS. Master in Training Developing and Delivering. Nlp Practioner Training. Certificate in Training and Development for Volkswagen-Audi. BMW AG trainer Certified.

Anna Neri

Anna Neri
Founder and CEO of the jewelry brand Anna e Alex. In 2006 she leaves Bulgari in the position of International Marketing Manager and decides to nurture her talent as an independent  designer. Her passion for beauty combined with her strong academic and professional background played a key role in the international evolution of her brand. She graduated in Business Administration at the University of Southern California back in the 80s and pursued a master in International Marketing at the University of Pittsburgh. Her passion for sharing her knowledge with students is evergreen since 2009. She is still a mentor to many talented new luxury marketing professionals who have taken management courses at IED Rome in the past years.

Alessandra Sales

Alessandra Sales
Presently she is working for own brand founded in 2006 with Anna Neri. Anna and Alex plc is an Italian company that creates, produces and sells  jewelry in Italy and abroad. Graduated in History at  Brown University in Providence, USA, and studied Law in Geneva, Switzerland, she started her career in an international PR agency and then worked at Bulgari starting as Corporate Press Office Manager for Jewelry, Watches, and Accessories. Her last position at Bulgari was Corporate External Relations Director responsible for worldwide  press office activities regarding all product categories ( jewelry, watches, accessories, perfumes, hotels and resorts) as well as for those linked to the the brand through sponsorships, celebrity endorsement, cinema product placement and more. She has also consulted for Boscolo Luxury Hotels; Enigma Gianni Bulgari; Marcadé.

Caterina Zavolta

Caterina Zavolta
Training in Languages and International Communication, Master in Digital Marketing at Luiss Business School After an experience in management positions in multinational companies, Catherine is Co-Founder and Managing Director of Webzine, boutique agency specialized in Social Media Management. Fashion market expert, she is also contributor to OM Magazine and Social CRM & Reputation Management Specialist at ArtMediaMix digital agency in Rome.

Umberto Stefanelli

Umberto Stefanelli
Italian photographer, developed his artistic skills in New York, where he lived for several years and where he began to express his  creativity, with his very own personal style of photography, re-elaborating his images using innovative techniques.  Following on from his experience in the USA, he discovered new horizons in Japan, with its colors and light, which conditioned a further transformation in his photographic art, closely tied to the magical instant developing of Polaroid film.  He  collaborated to several artistic projects with: POLAROID, LEVI’S STRAUSS, L’OREAL, NOKIA, EPSON, GREY GROUP,  YOUNG & RUBICAM, NIPPON TELEVISION, ZOOM MAGAZINE. A selection of his work is included in the Polaroid Collection U.S.A., in the Brescia National Museum of Photography, in the CIFA – Italian Center of Author Photography, in the Civic Gallery of Modena, in the Lishui Museum of Photography, in the Shanghai Duolun Museum Of Modern Art and in other public and private collections.  In June 2009 he opened a blog: Photography - and poetry – in the service of creative fervor.  Umberto Stefanelli works through Agents or Representatives in Europe, USA, China and Japan.