Services for students

Admission Center

It is the first service for those who want to acquire information about IED. Thanks to a customized interview with an Admission Advisor, who wants to enroll will be helped to understand exit profiles, production contexts and job opportunities of the school. According to inclinations and specific requests, it will be provided information about educational organization, course contents and objectives, and selection and admission processes.


IED offers support to the students looking for an accomodation through different search channels. Through guaranteed structures and network housing, the off-site students can find their place to stay in the city. Click here to find out more


IED agrees upon many annual agreements with trading companies and authorities of any kind, from those that provide useful tools to professions to those that deal with goods, leisure time, culture and wellness. In order to achieve financial breaks it will be sufficient to show IED personal badge at the moment of the purchase.

International Student Desk

All the students, foreign or Italian, from the very first moments in the Institute, can rely on a supporting service for integration in the social and cultural background of the city and of the location, and for enhancement of the educational experience. IED International Student Desk is an office for the student who, collaborating with the Didactic Secretary and the Schools, promotes the sharing between School and students.

Faculty Office

Enrolled students, in their specific course areas, can relate with a dedicated structure with the aim of supporting the reach of appointed teaching objectives, communicating obtained progresses, comparing and testing. The Faculty Office, moreover, manages content, method and structure of the courses.

Consulting reception

IED teaching methodology guarantees a constant confrontation between teacher and student. If, for particular teaching reasons, the student needs further confrontation time, he/she can arrange it with the Didactic and Organizational Secretary/Student Desk.