Accommodation in Florence

Finding a place to live while planning to study abroad can be both exciting and challenging. With this in mind IED helps you to find conveniently-located housing based on your personal needs.

IED provides you with a wide range of different housing options for all budgets and tastes. We have agreements with residences near the school that offer various types of rooms. We choose hosts for the warmth of their welcome and how well they look after our students.

All residences offer shared living rooms and kitchens or meal plans. It is possible to visit the facilities directly by calling the numbers listed below and making an appointment.
Furthermore a dedicated office in each IED city with qualified staff will be happy to assist you with the choice and the booking or help you with any questions you have about your accommodation options as an IED student.

Please find below some great places to start your search:


A Florence View B&B

Piazza S. Giovanni, 2, Firenze

T: +39 055.213879

Academy Hostel

Via Ricasoli, 9, Firenze

T: +39 055.2398665

B&B di Piazza del Duomo

Via Dell'Oriuolo, 49, Firenze

T: +39 055 3894626

B&B Badia Fiorentina

Via Dante Alighieri, 12, Firenze

T: +39 055.219126

Cimatori B&B

Via Dante Alighieri, 14, Firenze

T: +39 055.2655000

B&B De’ Biffi

Via De' Pucci, 11, Firenze

T: +39 055.288773

Katti House B&B

Via Faenza, 21, Firenze

T: +39 055.213410

Le Stanze del Duomo

Via De Martelli, 8, Firenze

T: +39 055.290012

B&B Marbò Florence

Via Alamanni, 25, Firenze

T: +39 327.4975019

Residenza Giotto

Via Roma, 6, Firenze

T: +39 055.214593

Residenza Il Villino

Via della Pergola, 53, Firenze

T: +39 055.2001116


B&B Special Rates

La Casa del Garbo

Piazza Della Signoria, 8, Firenze

T: +39 055.293366

Tourist House Ghiberti

Via M. Bufalini, 1, Firenze

T: +39 055.284858


Residence Hilda

Via dei Servi, 40, Firenze

T: +39 055.288021

Residence La Contessina

Via Faenza, 71, Firenze

T: +39 055.2670275

La Chicca di Boboli

Via Romana, 67, Firenze

T: +39 055.2374686

Residence Leopoldo

Via Fabbroni, 68, Firenze

T: +39 055.4630819

Residence La Medicea

Via dell'Ariento, 3, Firenze

T: +39 334.8687064

Piccolo Apart Residence

Via Ricasoli, 23, Firenze

T: +39 055.2670069

Palazzo Belfiore

Via dei Velluti, 8, Firenze

T: +39 055.264415


First of Florence

Via dei Servi, 38, Firenze

T: +39 055.218442

Think Florence – Via del Proconsolo

Via del Proconsolo, 15, Firenze

T: +39 055.280105

Think Florence – Via Vacchereccia

Via Vacchereccia, 3, Firenze

T: +39 055.280105

Think Florence – Piazza Santissima Annunziata

Piazza Santissima Annunziata, 7, Firenze

T: +39 055.280105

Think Florence – Via dei Leoni

Via dei Leoni, 10, Firenze

T: +39 055.280105

Think Florence – Via dei Pandolfini

Via dei Pandolfini, 12, Firenze

T: +39 055.280105

Think Florence – Via dei Cimatori

Via dei Cimatori, Firenze

T: +39 055.280105

Think Florence – Via Sdrucciolo de Pitti

Via Sdrucciolo de Pitti, Firenze

T: +39 055.280105

Think Florence – Piazza Madonna degli Aldobrandini

Piazza Madonna degli Aldobrandini, Firenze

T: +39 055.280105

Serristori Palace

Lungarno Serristori, 13, Firenze

T: +39 055.2001623


Via Del Castellaccio, 45a, 20132 Firenze

T: +39 055 2399910


Firenze Suite

Via Nuova De Caccini, 25, Firenze

T: +39 055.2001730

Palazzo Mannaioni suites

Via Maffia, 9, Firenze

T: +39 055.411920

Quadra Key Residence

Via Bardazzi, 49, Firenze

T: +39 055.4369066