Admission procedures for the Continuing study programmes held at the Italian locations

1 – Admission requirements

In the sphere of Continuing Education programmes, IED offers two types of educational courses: Specialisation courses and Advanced Training courses. If you are interested in the Accademia Aldo Galli courses, click here. Each if these courses has specific admission requirements.

Please use the button below to consult the Registration Procedure, and the detailed requirements present in the brochure of the course chosen.

Admission procedure for the Continuing Education of IED Italia

Procedure for Visa-Seeking students

3 – Selection Interview

The purpose of the selection interview is to assess the art and design portfolio and the technical skills acquired during the applicant’s studies, as well as any professional experience gained, individual aptitudes and motivation for taking part.

4 – Enrolment

After you have taken the admission test, you can access your reserved area where you can ultimate the enrolment process.


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