Design for Wearables

Continuing Study Programs - Barcelona

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The Postgraduate in Design for Wearables focusses on researching, designing and manufacturing fashion tech and smart product solutions that prove of innovative significance thanks to their capacity to adapt, to store and transmit data, and to communicate with interconnected digital infrastructures.

Students are taught theoretical foundations and practical experience by working on a given project assignment that requires them to examine and research the impact of wearable technology and come up with new solutions or redefine existing ones. They will build up a combination of know-how regarding data strategies, computational design, electronic devices, AR and VR, advanced interaction and rapid prototyping.  

The Postgraduate  in Design for Wearables seeks to anticipate these changes and steer future trends onto more sustainable paths to ultimately establish a new digital ecology encompassing habitats, users and services. 

  • Credits
  • Start date
    January 2020
  • Duration
    6 months
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