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The Postgraduate in Event Design and Management confers students with specific know‑how and tools to organise events with real communicative value.

Events are an opportunity to send a message and build a stronger connection between a brand and its audience. Both on a small and large scale, event organisation is one of the most keenly developed marketing and communication strategies for companies and agencies owing to its adaptability and room for innovation in transmitting concepts, launching products and deploying corporate actions.

This Postgraduate Degree requires students to apply their theoretical foundations to develop a real case study in groups, as well as delivering a final project presentation in front of a jury of experts comprising teachers and clients. 


Complementary Module

Check the new Research & Publish Module course, a complementary module with a duration of 6 months, that provides an introduction to the main theoretical and practical tools for research and reflection that are generated in the field of communicating and disseminating projects in the field of design so that students can acquire the skills to document their work correctly, communicate it properly to their target audience and disseminate it through the most appropriate channels. Request more information to your advisor.
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    October 2021
  • Duration
    6 months
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IED faculty are professionals that daily face the market. Here you can read their bios.

Helena Rosselló

Helena Rosselló
Studies of Art History at the University of Barcelona and Contemporary Image Procedures at the Massana School in Barcelona. She has worked as Creative Director for several brands in event organization (Rolex, Citrà'en, Skoda, Lancà'me, Mango, Avui, Audi). Currently she is a codehunter, specialized in communication codes consultancy Europe "" China and freelance creative in marketing agencies and event organization. Third consecutive year in the coordination of the specialization course in Fashion Event Organization in IED. Coordinator of the Postgraduate course in Design and Management of Events.  

Cesc Grau

Cesc Grau
His professional career combines experience in advertising with art direction as applied to specialised events in the fashion, luxury, lifestyle, automotive, gastronomy and mass market sectors. His professional field covers creativity, strategy, the creative idea of an event and art direction in the implementation process. Coordinator of the Postgraduate in Event Design and Management.