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IED Barcelona is the only centre in Spain imparting the Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Fashion Marketing and Communication validated by the University of Westminster. Since 2010 it offers the opportunity to combine the studies of this prestigious university, entirely taught in English, with the IED experience in the city of Barcelona.

The BA Honours Fashion Marketing and Communication course at IED Barcelona aims to ensure that participants have the knowledge and understanding as well as the marketing and communication skills to work professionally. IED interdisciplinary approach enhanced by the strong relationship with the Fashion and Design Industry ascertain a vision where adaptability and efficiency display a relevant position.

Professional outcomes: Fashion Editor, Visual Merchandiser, Press Office Manager, Public Relations Management, Forecasting, Product merchandiser, Buyer, Community Manager, Fashion Consultor, Design manager, Product manager, Fashion Event Organizer, Fashion Journalism, Entrepreneur, etc.

  • Credits
    360 UK credits
  • Start date
    September 2020
  • Duration
    3 years
  • Attendance
  • Language

The BA Honours Fashion Marketing and Communication course skills strategy is designed to encourage new perceptions and enhance understanding and involvement of the student on numerous levels, not only to ensure that they are provided with advanced technical knowledge and techniques but also the other skills necessary to achieve a high level of professionalism and be able to compete in the fashion marketing and communication industry upon graduation.

The first year of the course is focused on developing a rigorous approach to the acquisition of a broad knowledge base; employ a range of specialised skills; evaluate information, using it to plan and develop investigative strategies and to determine solutions to a variety of unpredictable problems; and operate in a range of varied and specific contexts, taking responsibility for the nature and quality of outputs.

During the second year, students generate ideas through the analysis of concepts at an abstract level with a command of specialised skills and the formulation of responses to well-defined and abstract problems; analyse and evaluate information; exercise significant judgement across a broad range of functions; and accept responsibility for determining and achieving personal and/or group outcomes 

The third year emphasizes on review critically, consolidate and extend a systematic and coherent body of knowledge, utilising specialised skills across an area of study; critically evaluate concepts and evidence from a range of sources; transfer and apply diagnostic and creative skills and exercise significant judgement in a range of situations; and accept accountability for determining and achieving personal and/or group outcomes.

Duration: 3 years

Start: September 2020

  • 1


    • History of Fashion

      This course will tackle the historical and cultural evolutions in fashion, with a particular attention to stylistic research in the XXth century, observing the intertwined development of history, economy and artistic production. Starting from the European situation after the Napoleonic Empire, the course will look at the Belle Epoque, the wars and economic recovery up to the analysis of contemporary brands.

    • Textile Culture

    • Contemporary Fashion

      Analysis of contemporary fashion design: the most infl uential designers of recent years, styles, emerging personalities, fashion weeks, fashion culture on-line, current events.

    • Computer tools

    • Graphic Design

    • Introduction To Fashion Marketing

      Analysis of the key elements of marketing in the fashion field: product placement and price, distribution channels, communication and management of the marketing mix.

    • Market Research

      The course aims to provide the necessary tools to cope with and analyse the market according to a client orientation logic and ensure that market research can be a tool that is useful on an operational level and not just in theory.

    • Introduction To Fashion Communication


      This course provides students with the skills for planning, promoting and managing cultural and design activities, with a special focus on the market of the applied arts and of communication. The strategic principles of marketing, which aim at identifying, developing and launching every product, are adapted here to the specific field of the creative industries, for the purpose of understanding and anticipating the expectations and needs of consumers and users. The course develops on both the tools of strategic marketing related to the work (the phases and methods of execution, time frames, costs and benefits) and the mechanisms that drive the markets and consumption, the social context and the targets who are the ultimate recipients of the designers’ work. The course develops the skills that students will need to manage the phases of the creative process and design teams, co-ordinating different skills and directing the work to cater for market expectations: from managing cultural heritage to creating extended services, design management sketches alternative rationales of competition and perspectives of change in the local economy, adopting an interdisciplinary approach.

    • Fashion System

      Introduction to the fashion industry, providing an overview of the Fashion Market: Historical perspective on Structures, roles, market segmentation and process and company types. Fashion Materials: From inspiration to the product: the course features a study of the method that leads from the moment of conception of the material to the design of the fabric, including fundamental types of fibers and yarns, analysing their reinforcements, specific dyes, basic processing techniques and types of application. This understanding is used communicate the benefits and quality of the products we sell.

    • Fashion Company Management

      The peculiar complexities embedded into the management of Fashion Companies will be analysed through in depth sessions covering the fashion business, the fundamentals of a strategy and the tools for its implementation, company organization, models of creativity management, creation and operations, retail management.

    • Fashion Product

      Analysis of fashion system, production line and fashion product. General study of production line, sales and merchandising. Analysis of specifi c sectors of the fashion industry and their products. Basics on the creation of a fashion product, from design to fabric and up to the fi nished article.

    • Merchandising

    • Project 1: Fashion marketing

    • Fashion Writing

      The language of fashion journalism. Differences in the composition and use of articles, interviews, press releases, agency news releases, texts for catalogues, texts for the web. Importance of headlines and summaries. How the different media communicate: print media, web, television and blog. Communication of a press offi ce.

    • Fashion Publishing

    • Project 1: Fashion communication

  • 2

    • Semiotics

    • Sociology

    • Lifestyle And Trends

      From an analysis of signs and phenomena of trend, style and market, students will carry out a research through images aimed to identify new communication areas for every fashion sector.

    • Computer tools


    • Press Office And Pr

    • Below The Line Communication (events)

    • Fashion And New Media

    • Fashion Advertising

    • Law Elements

    • Web Marketing

      The course is designed to provide an overview of the most up-to-date marketing and communication tools available on the web, illustrating the most effective use of the web 2.0, blogs and social networks by a business logic and showing the possible opportunities and modes of integration between these and more traditional tools.

    • Budgeting And Marketing Plan

    • Distribution System

      Understanding of the entire sales process: sales plan, distribution policies, sales cycle, post-sales and customer service.

    • Law Basics And Contracts

    • Project 2: Retail Management

    • Project 3: Fashion Buying

    • Graphic Languages

    • Video Languages

    • Project 2: Fashion Editorial Office

    • Project 3: Event Organization

  • 3

    • fashion in music


    • Fashion Photography

      An excursus into Fashion photography that concludes with a photo-shooting session aimed at applying the Photography and Visual Language knowledge as well as creating visual material to integrate in personal portfolios.


    • Marketing Ethics

    • Branding For Fashion

    • Project 4: Merchandising Plan

    • Project 5: Visual Merchandising

    • Marketing Strategy

      Marketing elements; Brand and Marketing Developments; Competitive Advantage; Project methodology and creativity

    • Project 4: Fashion Show

    • Project 5: Fashion Styling

    • Project 6: Communication Strategy

    • Major project research – Pathway marketing

    • Major Project research – Pathway communication

    • Major Project – Pathway marketing

    • Major Project – Pathway communication

Remarkable is that teacher who accomplishes himself what he teaches to others.
(Italian proverb)

IED faculty are professionals that daily face the market. Here you can read their bios.

Pilar Pasamontes

Pilar Pasamontes
IED Fashion Scientific Director, Fashion historian and Vice-President of Moda FAD.

Juan Salvadó

Juan Salvadó
Fashion Designer. Cofounder, together with Franco Moschino, of the firm Moschino s.r.l. Milano. Creative director of “Aspesi Group” of Milano.

Txell Miras

Txell Miras
Designer of her own Brand since 2004. Neil Barret (Milano) designer since 2003.

Astrid Kasdorf

Astrid Kasdorf
Pattern specialist, woman and child. Collaborator with enterprises such as Burberry, Tammy Donohue’s and Josep Font.

Diego Barquero

Diego Barquero
Tailor for more tan 30 years. Collaborator of fashion companies and designers, such as Josep Font, Antonio Miró, On Land, Eva Martínez and Margarita Nuez.

Maite Lafuente

Maite Lafuente
Book autor and illustrator. She’s illustrates also magazines like Gap, Marie Claire, Collezioni Trend, Carrefour…

Francesc Grau

Francesc Grau
Fashion designer. Owner of the “THE LITTLE COTTON COMPANY” shop with some shops in Barcelona and around.

Fabricio Pérez

Fabricio Pérez
Fabricio Pérez began likes freelance costume designer for dance companies and theater productions. Soon afterwards he set up his own enterprise, Llamazares y de Delgado, with partner Jaime Martínez.

René Zamudio

René Zamudio
He has working with directors such as Pedro Almodovar & Alex de la Iglesia as wardrobe consultant. As art installer he worked on the retrospective for “SYBILLA 20 Years is Nothing” and as exhibition designer for “Victorio & Lucchino” 25 year retrospective. Currently living between Barcelona & Berlin, he is styling in advertising and fashion.

Alexis Reyna

Alexis Reyna
Founder and Artistic Director of Alexis Reyna. Regular showcase of two womenswear Collections a year at 080 Barcelona Fashion Week. He has clientele such as M.I.A, Nicola Fornichetti Studio… Award Winner of Best Collection Fall/Winter 2012 at 080 Barcelona Fashion Week and guest as International Fashion Designer at Warsaw Fashion Week.

Julia Weems

Julia Weems
She started to work as a freelance stylist in New York, collaborating with such magazines as Glamour, FHM, Podivm and as well as major international celebrities and numerous video-publicity productions. In Barcelona she has continued her career in such fields as theater costume design, fashion show production and fashion designer. Currently she is the Fashion School Director at IED Barcelona.

Pascal Nguyen

Pascal Nguyen
Fashion Consultant and Design Manager. With over 20 years experience, he has worked on such as prominent companies as Bershka (Inditex Group), Custo o Paco Rabanne.

José Castro

José Castro
Graduated from the prestigious London Royal College of Art, is one of the most internationally renowned Spanish designers. Member of the French Federation of Couture, along with Balenciaga and Paco Rabanne. He collaborated with the likes of Alexander McQueen for Givenchy, was artistic director of Miró Jeans and one of the designers of the new concept of Desigual.