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A Fashion Designer is able to create clothes or accessories building a personal tale inspired by the surrounding territory and society, reading the marks of the time, and foreseeing trends. This professional catches inputs not only from fashion, but also from visual arts, digital media, marketing, new technologies, product management, semiotics, art direction, business communication. Today, a Fashion Designer is not just a creative, is a specialised technician, who pays attention to innovation and knows every designing step, productive and communication aspect, and who knows how to deal with several subjects, maintaining a coherent overall view.

Title – The First Level Academic Diploma is recognized by MIUR (Ministry for Education, University and Research) and equated with the Bachelor’s Degree issued by Universities.

  • Start date
    October 2022
  • Duration
    3 Years
  • Attendance
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Get an insight into the creative professions: Fashion Designer

Fashion is a dynamic and articulated productive chain, that starts from thread and ends with the finished cloth, a complex world made of passion and technic skills, valorisation of traditional knowledge and innovative impulse, organisational ability, and courage to face new challenges. 

Methodology and structure – The educational pathway is structured in order to give students the theoretical and practical knowledge to design a woman, man, accessories, or textile collection. Project and methodology play an essential role and are faced by students with increasing level of complexity. Particular attention is given to the learning of modeling and tailoring techniques, textiles’ technology, fashion drawing and illustration techniques, and production of clothes or accessories. 

Next to technical and methodological preparation, students acquire cultural knowledge, in order to look at the language of fashion as a historic, artistic and social phenomenon, a flow made of trends and signs, a visual and creative tale. In conclusion, the programme deals with the economic system, from different points of view: the production chain, marketing, and online/offline communication on different channels. Participants have the possibility to develop business skills that make them able to face different dynamics in fashion system. 

Starting an educational pathway in fashion in Cagliari means offering students the possibility to get in touch with local peculiarities, in order to acquire them and to export them in a second time to other contexts as an element of added value. It means blending past with present, defining the future of fashion, studying the typical shapes and materials that are typical of Sardinia and its fine craft. The programme focuses on the present, local, national, and international context, thanks also to the presence of external professionals who are able to transform traditional elements into textiles and collections that fit contemporary fashion.

Career opportunities - Fashion Designer, Accessories Designer, Textile Designer, Product Manager, Trend Forecaster, Fashion Buyer.