Textile Design: Fashion and Interior

Summer and Winter Courses - Como

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Textile designers are artists who dream up and design the look and feel of textiles, they are responsible for the aesthetic characteristics of fabrics, including patterns printed or woven into their surfaces. 

Through this education path we provide you with an overview of the textile industry, including the basics of fabrics, fibers, and techniques, while highlighting the important historical context and cultural influence.

The theoretical and technical knowledge acquired during the two weeks is fundamental for approaching the realization and production process of the design on fabric. At the end of this textile laboratory you will be able to plan and realize your personal and original drawings on fabrics. Furthermore, it allows you to relate with the textile district and to understand its history, its characteristics and to learn about the most famous textile designers.

  • Start date
    June 2022
  • Duration
    2 weeks
  • Attendance
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Schedule: Lessons are held from Monday to Thursday during the first week, and from Monday to Saturday during the second week, on a part-time basis, both morning and afternoon. The course has a total length of 60 hours spread over 2 weeks.

Target: This course is open to high school graduates in artistic disciplines,fashion or interior design field, as well as university students from related fields, that whish to approach or deepen their knowledge of drawing and printing on fabric. The high school diploma, an upper-intermediate level of English and mastery of Photoshop are required in order to be admitted.

Methodology and structure - The course is structured as a textile design atelier, characterized by activities of laboratory and contextual theoretical insights useful for the development of the practical path and for the prototypes development.
The education path starts with an introduction to the history of textile design, with a particular focus to the relationship between fashion, art and fabrics. You have the opportunity to deal with a first analysis of the textile market, with a brief focus on research, innovation and possible developments of the new technologies.

The basic concepts that make up textile design will then be analysed: the creative research and the development of ideas, taking into account the different product sectors and the scope of investigation offered by contemporary trends.
Finally you will put the hands on and, through the use of the main design techniques acquired, you will realize your textile drawing collection on paper.


Study Plan

Textile Culture
This course allows you to have an overview of the history of textile as well as to understand the connection between fabrics and art in the Italian and, more specifically, Como tradition. You will discover the textile districts in Italy, focusing on Como silk industry, and learn about the textile design areas. The supply chain and the textile market are treated as well.

Through this topic you acquire the basics of the design methodology: you comprehend what a 'textile collection' means; the textile research sources; trends analysis in the textile field; collection of images and materials necessary for the development of ideas. Realization of moodboards and sketchbooks.

Textile Design
Overview on the main weaving and printing processes, as well as on the printing techniques. The following topics will be treated: the colour and the variant; technical limits; concept of relationship, use of motifs; illustration and realization of drawings on paper through the use of pencils, colours, collages, stencils, mixed techniques; digital drawing. Printing techniques.


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Fulvio Alvisi - Course coordinator

Fulvio Alvisi - Course coordinator
He has been the owner of the Alvisi and Alvisi studio in Como since 1975 that is specialised in designs of fabrics for fashion, furnishings and in the creation of jacquard files. Member of the Board of Directors of Villa Erba SDA, he has been President of the Italian Association of Textile Designers, as well as President of CLAB Promos (Wood Furniture Brianza Committee) since 1994. President of the Comocrea Consortium, he writes for various newspapers in the fashion area.