Influencers de Moda y Redes sociales | © Estudiante: Laia Canales

Start date

January 2023






6 Months



The fashion industry has been immersed in a profound process of change because of the impact of new technologies and the need to be omnichannel and connect emotionally with an increasingly informed consumer.

Fashion is at the same time constantly influenced by new communication platforms and changing buying habits. These processes have also been accelerated by Covid-19, which is changing the way society socialises and shops.

The Postgraduate in Fashion Influencers and Social Media provides fashion communication professionals with the tools to adapt quickly and adjust their strategies on an ongoing basis.

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The aim of the course is to dissect and understand how to communicate in the online environment of an industry as specific as the fashion industry and during a period of complete transformation as can be found today. Brands must communicate their values and USPs constantly in the channels and with the influencers that best suit their brand.

– This course aims to provide tools so that fashion communication professionals can develop their work in the various online channels of this changing environment.

– Create innovative strategies with the support of new technologies. Dissect and understand the communication process in an industry as specific as fashion.

– Develop messages and plan their dissemination. Develop the necessary skills to detect, analyse and apply trends in the field of communication.

The postgraduate course is led by a teaching team of leading professionals who are specialised in each of the pioneering areas, from which they are able to transmit knowledge and methodologies to the students.

Online programme: a challenge based learning technique is followed during the course, which consists of solving various activities linked to a fictitious situation through the resources provided in the virtual classroom. These tasks are developed autonomously, following the established delivery schedule. A specialist in each module guides the student throughout the learning process through the connect-IED platform.

Two projects are developed in which the knowledge acquired during the course is applied. The final project is produced in a group with a company that provides a real brief. The course is divided into four modules of a theoretical and technical nature and these deal with the different topics: – The world of fashion – Trends – Brand image – Media

Graduates or working professionals in the field of communication (journalism, advertising, PR, marketing and designers) whose aim is to learn and deepen their knowledge of the specific field of fashion communication in order to be able to successfully handle their communication.

Professional Opportunities

At the end of the course, and depending on student profiles and previous experience, possible career opportunities include:

– Fashion brand communication management

– Account manager in content / digital marketing / events agencies

– Social media manager