Food Event Design



Start date

January 2023






6 Months



The Postgraduate Degree in Food Event Design teaches professionals how to organise and carry out unique sensory gastronomic events linked to a product or service presentation.

Food Event Designers are becoming highly demanded by companies and private customers looking for a special, unique way to launch their ideas. These designers lead a multidisciplinary team of chefs, graphic designers, interior designers and other professionals who all contribute at different stages of the event. 

The Postgraduate in Food Event Design follows a blended learning methodology that combines technology and digital (online) media with in‑class lessons. It also includes conferences by experts, visits to various venues and workshops. 

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– For students to develop their own language linked to gastronomic culture, art and design.

– To work in multi-disciplinary teams with the different professionals that take part in culinary events.

– To become equipped with the tools and know-how needed to develop a project throughout its various stages.

The Postgraduate Course in Food Event Design is taught according to the blended methodology, meaning it is imparted partly via the connectIED campus and partly in the classroom.

Online Content

The online content invites students to gain specific insight linked to the Events and Creativity modules.

The course follows a methodology based on overcoming challenges, which consists in students completing a series of activities that stem from a made-up scenario using the resources they are given. Work is done on an individual basis according to a set delivery schedule.

A specialist in each of the modules guides students through the learning process via the connectIED platform.

Classroom content

The content students are taught in-class links the Events and Creativity modules with the rest of the course: cooking techniques, edible products, what it means to be a Food Event Designer and a final assignment.

The course is geared towards graduates in various design disciplines (such as industrial, graphic, interior, fashion and architectural designers) and fine arts wishing to broaden their knowledge of a specific sector and enhance their qualifications.

Access to the course will be conditional upon doing an interview to consider the student’s prospects and drive.

The programme is open to students with university qualifications or equivalent studies. Those who lack the required studies may be able to access certain programmes depending on their professional achievements. This will be up to the discretion of IED Barcelona, who will decide on the qualification these candidates would obtain.

Professional Opportunities

The Postgraduate Course in Food Event Design shapes a new professional profile. Students will be able to lead a team of specialists (cooks, graphic designers, interior designers, etc.) and create all kinds of gastronomic experiences for any event. They will become experts in conveying the magic of an event’s gastronomic moments.

This means Food Event Designers may have to work as part of a team for an event management agency or as directors of a catering firm.

Companies that have collaborated with this course

Grup Iglesias, Agència Catalana de Turisme i Gremi de Pastisseria de Barcelona.