Start date

July 2023




On Campus


10 days

A course that offers you a a 360-degree view of the strategy, communication and creativity of an sport event.

The event demonstrated the Catalan capital’s potential and brought a new perspective to the organisation of sports events that have followed. Public institutions provide much support to this sector and the sports-related industry has growing potential.

The Creativity for Sports Events course looks at the crosscutting strategy required to create communication for these types of events, attaching great importance to the writing of a coherent story with the specific characteristics of each event.

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– To train professionals who can have a 360-degree view of the strategy, communication and creativity of an event. From creating a coherent story to controlling all figures and moments in which it is possible to intervene to provide communication support: positioning, sponsors, opening and closing ceremonies, media and advertising, mascot.

– To provide students with a strategic perspective when it comes to creating an event, attaching great importance to the contribution of creativity as a distinguishing factor. This perspective enables students to evaluate the overall context regardless of the specific area in which they work.

– To train professionals who can lead the management of complex change processes and assume new challenges in order to exploit opportunities by applying knowledge and methodologies in the field of sports event communication.

– To equip participants with a numbers of skills related to marketing and branding strategies.

– To work on a crosscutting strategic vision that can be applied in various sectors by providing strategic planning, content and form.

Participants have the opportunity to share experiences with experts in event communication providing case studies that analyse the strengths and weaknesses of various events.

An example of an event taking place in Barcelona is used and an overall communication proposal is produced.

Specific visits are made to sports companies and institutions.



Visual sector designers wanting to specialise in sports event communication as a sector with great potential.

Professionals from the world of communication and marketing wanting to work in the field of sports events.

Entrepreneurs wanting to start a sports-related activity and understand the potential strategies in the field of events.

Athletes with an interest in event organisation. Professionals wishing to develop communication management in sports entities.

Professional Opportunities


At the end of the course and depending on student profiles and previous experience, possible career opportunities include:

– Creative management of sports sector companies (fashion, sports goods, etc.)

– Management of sports events

– Management of sports entities

– Communication management of sports entities

– Event manager in sports sector

– Sports sponsorship management

– E-sports manager