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September 2022


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3 Years



This diploma shapes creatives capable of developing strategic, marketing and communication plans for the fashion industry; a sector in constant transformation.

As a reflection of vibrant social and cultural realities, fashion evolves through trends and new business models, constantly reinventing itself; therefore it needs a professional profile prepared to adapt to and successfully manage all of these changes, as well as to work in international and multidisciplinary teams.

The IED Diploma in Fashion Marketing and Communication combines creative thinking, the methodological rigour of management and an entrepreneurial attitude in the fashion sector, in particular in the areas of marketing and communication. The future professional will learn how to identify business opportunities and develop innovative strategies that differentiate the brand and its collections. To this end, the student will acquire a comprehensive knowledge of the processes involved — from the design to the launch of the collection onto the market — master 360º communication, become proficient in the latest strategic fashion marketing tools, and become familiar with social macro trends, in which sustainability is a priority.

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The program has been conceived to offer evolving didactic objectives over the three years to reach conclusion with the final project.

The first year of the course is focused on providing a creative cultural base about the world of fashion, as well as introducing students to the areas of marketing, product, communication and trends.

During the second year, the aim is to learn about strategic management of tools from marketing, communication and management in fashion. Also, students acquire the skills to analyse consumers and distribute products; as well as about marketing, advertising, fashion journalism, etc.

The third year involves learning about development of strategic plans in different disciplines such as communication, purchasing, new business opportunities, etc., always using case studies as base. The course culminates with a final project performed for a real company.

Didactics gives priority to professionalism and training, with the objective of preparing students so they can develop their skills in this changing and competitive environment, while learning to know themselves and enhance their strategic and creative skills.

It is based on the know-how of the professionals lecturing and the school, and also on the learning-by-doing of students, fostering interdisciplinarity between the area and the disciplines taught in the school: Design, Visual Communication, Fashion and Management for Creative Industries.

The program of Fashion Marketing and Communication at IED trains professionals able to develop their skills and knowledge in an international environment in the areas of product, marketing, distribution, retail, fashion media online and offline, advertising, public relations and press offices.

IED MANAGEMENT alumni work at:

Diesel Iberia, Mango, H Magazine, Surgery, Bread&Butter, Carion Wester, Harrods, Inditex, Net-a-porter, Reebok, XXL, Equipo Singular, Levi’s Strauss Iberia,, Hebe Media London,, Carin Wester Stockholm, Superga Turin, Surgery PR London, London, McGregor Fashion Group Amsterdam, Desigual Barcelona, Fuego Camina Conmigo Barcelona, etc.

Companies that have collaborated with the area: 

Levi’s Strauss Iberia, Reebok, Ailanto, MODAFAD, Desigual, The Brandery, Maians, Jose Castro, Friday’s Project, lkxa “La Caixa”, Habaluc, Yerse, Mariona Gen, Privalia, Páez, Desigual, Uterqüe, etc.


Tatiana Valoira