Start date

July 2023


Full time


On campus


3 Weeks





Combine your passion for fashion with your commitment to the circular economy in a hands-on, creative and collaborative course that covers every stage of the creative process, from the initial design concept to reconstruction.

This Sneaker Reconstruction Summer Course takes the problem of the waste produced by the footwear sector and turns it into a solution, giving the product a new lease of life. 

The intensive summer course considers the negative consequences of today’s consumer trends and how we can renovate the fashion world we’ve built, proposing solutions focused on recovering waste with a commitment to the circular economy. 

During this 3-week course you’ll learn the ins and outs of sneaker construction, from the methodology to what goes into design and planning, and gain hands-on experience in a full reconstruction project. 

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A course in which you can explore your creative side and combine your passion for fashion and design with your commitment to the circular economy. 

An introduction to the practical development of footwear recovery projects in a 3-week intensive course. You’ll reconstruct ingenious new models for the latest trends using deconstructed textile waste.

In collaboration with a team of students you’ll develop every stage of real footwear recovery projects.

Reaching unique goals in project development, you’ll learn what goes into every stage of the decon/recon process, from cultivating the initial idea, to developing that idea into an actual revamped training shoe, with every individual student contributing to the final result.

This 3-week summer course is for people interested in textile design and product design. If you’re interested in design for the circular economy, using waste as a resource, this is the course for you.

In this Sneakers Reconstruction course you’ll learn the ins and outs of the training shoe deconstruction and reconstruction process.

After the 3-week course you’ll have all the know-how you need to fully understand the mechanisms involved in the recovery of textile waste, give it a second life, identify patterns of use, and key points to consider when using and recovering raw materials.

Studying at IED Bilbao, in the iconic Papelera Building on the Zorrotzaurre Creative Island, in close contact with the fashion sector, you’ll be working with other creative talents, students interested in the circular economy, designing fashion for a sustainable future.



An introduction to practical alternatives for the circular economy in the footwear manufacturing sector.
Presentation of the basics and context to develop appropriate work methodologies.
In this block you’ll also learn the specific representation techniques used in deconstruction/reconstruction.


Development of various design and planning footwear recovery projects.


Hands-on full circle reconstruction of training shoes from waste.


Bárbara León

Course Coordinator