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Start date

October 2023




On campus


9 Months




from 13.000€

The Master of Creative Direction for Retail integrates the design of spaces and commercial strategies with the development of a brand identity.

Through the experience of leading professionals in the retail and interior design industry, students will learn how to develop projects that meet the current needs of retail companies in order to increase sales and convey brand identity.

With its mixed format, this qualification will allow all students to learn, participate and be part of the IED community in person, in the physical classroom and virtual classroom, and remotely.

Information to decide

By completing an IED Madrid master's degree programme, you will access cross-cutting training that complements your knowledge and strengthens your skills, preparing you to be a unique profile in the job market. 

Online preparatory course: optional

As a student of this master's degree, you will be able to participate in a preparatory course on basic tools for understanding the functioning of design and the skills, from a technical and personal development point of view, inherent to it:

  • Presentation and portfolio
  • Methodology
  • Social Innovation
  • Photoshop *you will be able to take a level test at the start of the course
  • Indesign *you will be able to take a level test at the start of the course

Elective subjects: IED credits

In addition to the core subjects of the master’s degree programme, you may choose between 2 and 5 optional branches that make up the DNA of IED students. These training branches cover the tools that will make the difference in completing your professional profile.

CoLAB: IED credits

To enhance the cross-cutting nature of the programmes, we have a collaborative project in which students from different programmes come together to develop one single project. With the guidance of leading professionals in the sector as tutors, the working groups will approach new disciplines and techniques. You will meet profiles from other programmes, you will interact with them as in companies’ multidisciplinary work groups, enjoying a unique experience that will enrich the way you approach a project.
In addition, this collaborative project will feature two weeks of conferences, workshops and group presentations: WikIED.


  • Define design, communication and production strategies for brands, products, services and/or collections.
  • Understand the methodology and processes related to the development of a retail project.
  • Gain knowledge about the characteristics of spaces, lighting, audiovisual media and Retail.
  • Master the tools for dissemination and communication in all aspects relating to a retail product and brand identity.

Professional Opportunities

  • Retail Creative Director (online and offline)
  • Creative Director for retail in commercial spaces, shop windows and points of sale
  • Creative Director in the design of consumer experiences (Customer Experience)
  • Creative consultant for the creation of new product brands
  • Retail art director (product photography, visual identity, etc.)



Lightning Design

Window Design

Industrial Design

Experience Design

From 2D to 3D

Material Research

Branding Strategies

Branding and Design


Retail History

Design History

Art and space

Trend Explorer

References Research

Retail Forward



Graphic design and packaging

Art direction

Project difussion




P1 Pop Up

P2 Stand

P3 Shop



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