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Start date

October 2023




On campus


9 Months


60 IED (480+20 Horas)



Learn the best tools to use to give brand spaces a unique visual identity. Use your creative talent to develop projects that evolve to meet the needs of the public.

Create sensations: combine spatial design with commercial strategies, brand identity and artistic direction to forge a unique product in this Master's Degree in Creative Direction for Retail. Develop projects tailor-made to meet the current needs of companies, learning from leading professionals in the retail and interior design sector, eager to pass on their experience. Use the latest technology and innovative hybrid spaces to increase sales and convey a unique brand concept.


In this master's degree you’ll explore the possibilities of art direction for retail spaces and events, ephemeral architecture, concept stores and branding. You’ll work on concepts such as lighting design, photography, interaction, wayfinding, spatial design for shops and stores, putting the focus on the product.

Information to decide

A program to lead the way in the future of retail and interior design, consolidating brand identity.

By enrolling in the IED Madrid Master's in Creative Management for Retail you will access interdisciplinary training that will allow you to complement your knowledge and enhance your skills, preparing you to be a unique profile in the professional market.

Along with the subjects in the master's program, you will be able to choose between two of the five optional strands that define the IED student's DNA. These training strands look at the tools that will make a difference to completing your professional profile.

Finally, we have the CoLAB collaborative project in which students from different programs will come together to develop a unique project. With the guidance of leading professionals in the sector, the working groups will look at new disciplines and techniques.

This is a master's degree for architects and designers from any background, who want to focus on the retail sector and explore the numerous career opportunities this discipline offers.


Companies leading the way in the sector are constantly looking for creative professionals to work in multidisciplinary teams. If that sounds like what you’re looking for, this is the program for you.


Those who want to acquire specific knowledge on the subjects in the syllabus for their own professional development, or create their own personal profile using the tools of their choice, will find the program both interesting and useful.

In this Master's Degree in Creative Direction for Retail you’ll find lecturers who have already made their mark in the professional world, eager to pass on what they’ve learned and make your learning experience at IED an experience of excellence. You’ll acquire a unique vision of commercial space design, and all the resources you need to take your first steps in this professional sector.


Studying in Madrid puts you in an interesting professional context: the capital of Spain is a magnet for some of the biggest companies in the retail field. What’s more, when you finish the program you’ll have an extremely competitive profile in your CV, of undeniable interest for major retail brands all over the world.


This master's degree is divided into three main blocks: Culture, Design, Project. In the first part you’ll build a solid foundation based on theory; in the second you'll study a multitude of disciplines related to the world of commercial spaces; and in the third you’ll work specifically on the creation of a retail project.


Lighting design

Window design

Industrial design

Experience Design

From 2D to 3D

Research into materials

Branding strategies

Branding and design


The History of retail

The History of design

Art and space

Trend Explorer

Research into references

Retail Forward



Graphic design and packaging

Art direction

Project dissemination




P1 Pop Up

P2 Stand

P3 Shop


Optional subjects

Human Centric Design (Humanities)

Design anthropology

Gender and decolonial studies

Research methods

A better future (Sustainability)

Eco-design strategy wheel

Environmental impact

Energy efficiency and logistics

Technology and Innovation (Maker Culture)

Interactive products



Forward-Thinking (Strategies)

Disruptive thinking

Problem solving techniques

Behavioural methods

Career accelerator (Enterprise)

An entrepreneurial mindset




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