Postgrado Online en Modelado y Animación 3D para Motion Graphics



Start date

January 2023






6 Months



The rapid growth of the audiovisual industry, driven by the massive use of streaming service platforms, new advertising formats and online entertainment, has driven the demand for professionals who are able to work with the new digital formats both in the production of content and in the technical and creative creation of the formats.

The course, which is taught entirely online, equips students with the knowledge necessary in order to apply it immediately in their daily lives as designers/professionals in this field.

IED’s online platform is a space designed both for disseminating contents and for providing ongoing monitoring by the teaching staff through individual and group tutorials and live classes.

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The main objectives of this course are:

  • Approach a Motion Graphics Design project from the idea, designed by the students themselves, through the modelling of the elements in 3D, animation, renders and post-production for a professional result.
  • Train students in the pre-production, production and post-production of 3D projects for Motion Graphics Design
  • Train students in the different types of 3D modelling and texture creation
  • Train students to work with particle simulators
  • Prepare students to work with the render engine options of Cinema 4D and Autodesk Arnold Renderer (we have to see if this is approved by UNIR)
  • Train students in the post-rendering process to give final finishes in colour correction and sound design.

Audiovisual professionals with design skills who want to add 3D to their current range of tools. Graphic designers and/or illustrators with concerns in the audiovisual area. Motion designers specialized in 2D (After Effects artists). Traditional 2D animators. 3D artists who want to update their knowledge by learning C4D.

Professional Opportunities

  • Motion Designer in audiovisual production companies for television or cinema, in production companies engaged in post-production and Visual Effects (VFx), design studios, advertising agencies, creative studios, communication agencies and event agencies.
  • Motion Designer in communication, marketing and advertising departments
  • Animator in animation studios
  • Graphic designer in television channels
  • Art director for all types of audiovisual graphic design
  • Freelance Motion Designer