Postgrado de Fotografía de la Industria de Moda



Start date

January 2023






6 Months



In Spain alone, the fashion industry invoices over 5 billion euros a year and is a sector that has a significant weight in the economy of many countries.

The communication of fashion industry products is intimately related to the photography accompanying the campaigns and fashion editorials in print and digital formats.

Being trained in the skills and tools for offering a photographic communication service in the fashion industry means having the opportunity to work in a constantly growing sector.

The training contents of the course are taught online.

IED’s online platform is a space designed both for disseminating contents and for providing ongoing monitoring by the teaching staff through individual and group tutorials and live classes.

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Fashion photographer, Photographic assistant, Digital and lighting technician, Editorial photographer for magazine, Editorial photographer for company, Post-production artist, Image editor, Art director, Logbook for company


The main objectives of this course are:

  • Acquire the necessary techniques to complete a fashion photography project.
  • Master the process of creation and production so as to place yourself as an author and creator of trends.
  • Define your own style based on a story or discourse that relates it to your work.
  • Train in the analysis of images, sociological trends and fashion design.
  • Achieve the technical skills in the digital environment that you will use to develop your creativity and originality and to define your personal style.

Professional Opportunities

  • Fashion photographer
  • Photographic Assistant
  • Digital and lighting technician
  • Editorial photography for magazines
  • Editorial photography for companies
  • Post-production artist
  • Image editor
  • Art director
  • Company Logbook