Graphic and Digital Design



Start date

September 2024




On campus


1 Year


60 IED (480)

Acquire the skills you need to complete your CV as a front-end designer, a profile in high demand in the visual communication market

Create for the 21st century! In this one-year intensive course you’ll learn the theory and practice of Graphic and Digital Design using the tools you need to develop a global graphic design project, making good use of both print and digital media.

You’ll acquire a panoramic perspective of this professional sector, laying the foundations of graphic and digital design in three distinct blocks: Design Fundamentals, Graphic Design and Digital Design.

You’ll be working with values such as identity and originality to channel your know-how into editorial design projects, graphic communication, digital design and web design.

This intensive 1-year course is held in the afternoons in a blended learning format, perfect for completing your CV and acquiring the most up-to-date knowledge in creative graphic design.

Information to decide

This program opens the doors to a career in the creation and management of digital graphic communication.

The One-Year Intensive Program in Graphic and Digital Design explores your creative potential as you develop the conceptual and technical skills you need to autonomously create graphic communication for your own business or as a member of a corporate design team.

A fundamental part of the syllabus is the development of a cross-disciplinary project using all the knowledge acquired during the course. What’s more, you’ll explore the infinite possibilities of web creation and other digital applications as a way to develop and expand projects, using user-friendly design to make applications easily accessible to everyone.

This program is for people who want to take their first steps in the world of Graphic Design and in particular focus on Digital Design; people who have no background in the sector and want to acquire the knowledge and skills they need to create new options for professional development.

The One-Year Intensive Program in Graphic and Digital Design is a one-off that covers everything from the roots of design to specific skills: from the basics to the tools and techniques you’ll use in Graphic Design and Digital Design. You’ll acquire detailed knowledge of design disciplines in high demand, qualifications with the highest number of job opportunities and one of the most sought-after professional profiles - the front-end designer.

Studying graphic and digital design in the city of Madrid is a unique opportunity: it’s the gateway to Europe for top Latin American companies, so there are a wealth of start-ups, multinationals and international agencies continually looking for and selecting qualified graphic and digital designers.

The methodology IED Madrid adopts for Visual Arts’ courses combines classroom with Lab work, giving you access to platforms that facilitate your learning experience and give you the chance to share feedback with other students. In this course you also have the option to use associated Labs such as the PrintLAB, BookLAB, PhotoLAB and TypoLAB.

But there’s more, with access to PortfolioLAB students can design and create their very own portfolio. You’ll be actively encouraged to participate in design competitions and contests, and develop projects for your own clients.


What will you learn?

In the first term you’ll acquire an overview of the world of design and learn to use the most useful tools in this professional field.


Design Fundamentals
Visual Culture
Image Editing (Photoshop)
Vector Graphics (Illustrator)
Desktop Publishing (InDesign)
PrintLAB (Screen Printing / Risograph / Engraving)
BookLAB (Binding / Letterpress)
PhotoLAB (The Analogue Printing Process / Photography Studio Sets)

What will you learn?

In the second term you’ll acquire more in-depth knowledge of graphic design: this term's syllabus includes layout, typography and editorial design.


The History of Graphic Design and Latest Trends
Graphic Ideation
Desktop Publishing
Producing Graphics
Image Editing (Advanced Photoshop Techniques, Lightroom)
Vector Graphics (Advanced Illustrator Techniques, Procreate)
Desktop Publishing (Advanced InDesign Techniques)
Graphic Communication
Visual Identity
Editorial Design

What will you learn?

In the third term you’ll discover the possibilities for using design in virtual environments. You’ll explore web technologies, responsive web design and other specialties you can add to your professional toolkit.


Web Technologies
Web Ideation
User Experience
User Interface
Responsive Web Design
Content Management Systems
UX Writing


Sara Moreno

After studying Journalism and Visual Communication, she ended up directing her professional career towards Design.


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