Brand Management and Communication



Start date

November 2022


Full time


On campus


1 Year

Course coordinator

Gordon Cesareo, Filippo Selden


17.100 €

Learn how to analyse the market and create brand strategies that look to the future as you move ahead of business trends. Here's what awaits you with our Master's Degree in Brand Management and Communication at IED Milano

The Master's Degree in Brand Management and Communication at IED Milano will give you an approach to branding that moves away from mere communication or purely tactical marketing. The focus is instead on strategic marketing, brand value vision, consumer engagement, and native advertising. 

Approaching branding through a degree programme offered by IED means learning about how companies and agencies actually work, with the opportunity to join a unique network that will provide many opportunities for continuous professional growth. You will learn how to interpret the present, move ahead of trends and engage with companies that have made their brand strategy a key development asset.

Information to decide

Learning how to create and work with brands using a multidisciplinary approach

The Master's Degree in Brand Management and Communication at IED Milano is organised into a number of core modules exploring in detail branding-related disciplines and activities. Face-to-face lectures are combined with practical sessions, case histories, workshops and cross-curricular activities where creativity, innovation, professionalism and the world of work are the key elements. 

The main focus of this learning experience is to develop hands-on projects with our partner companies, working on real-life briefs. All students are given the opportunity to enjoy learning as a combination of different experiences and skills. Step by step, they build up strong relationships with faculty members -who are professionals themselves- and get closer to the world of work as they acquire know-how and specialist skills.

The Master's Degree in Brand Management and Communication at IED Milano seeks to train up professionals in brand creation and management through a multidisciplinary approach covering the many different application areas of marketing and communication.

The Master's Degree in Brand Management and Communication at IED Milano is designed for students with a degree in the areas of humanities, economics or science. It is also for those who earned undergraduate qualifications in creative disciplines from either Italian or overseas project design schools. Applicants who already have a few years of experience in marketing and communication are also eligible.

If you have a curious mind, a desire to dive into an extremely practical and hands-on dimension, if you feel you have the motivation to get involved and learn from first-hand interaction in the classroom, this is definitely a Master's Degree course designed for you.

You will share your learning experience with classmates who come from different backgrounds. As you all work together in mixed teams, the whole course will benefit from an inspiring combination of shared experiences and skills.

If you want to become a successful brand strategist, what you need is to keep practising constantly and be open to listening and sharing. Acquiring technical expertise in specific fields is just not enough. What is really important is to develop cross-cutting critical thinking and stay ahead of market scenarios with full awareness and responsibility.

Nowadays, brands are everywhere and they are not just marks anymore. More than anything else, a brand is a broad system allowing a company to be recognised, desired, dreamed of. Companies and agencies are now focusing their attention not just on marketing and communication efforts, but also on developing brand strategies based on brand value systems that will encourage consumer engagement.

The Master's Degree in Brand Management and Communication at IED Milano was specifically developed to train up all-round professionals who can better respond to current market needs. They will be able to work on brand development and creation within an increasingly multidisciplinary and strategic environment.

Close interaction with our partners will enable you to develop projects on real-life briefs based on specific needs and requirements. Partner companies include Swarovski, Lierac, Deborah, Comete Gioielli, TucanoUrbano, Red Bull, Ceres, Decathlon, Crodino, Carrefour, and Nintendo. Over the years, they have all chosen IED as a partner for strategic brand development and concept creation, looking for a different, fresh, and most importantly, contemporary perspective on their brand identities. 

This training is based on a 'plug and play' model, where we create the conditions for students to immediately put what they learn into practice, so they can be ready for the world of work.

As further confirmation of our close connection with the market, this Master's Degree is run in cooperation with CBA, one of the leading agencies in the international branding industry. This process ensures that the training provided here is constantly on track and kept up-to-date. Leading professionals will take you all along the way, helping you discover what your talents are and also bringing into the classroom their own experience with innovation, leadership, business and strategic vision.

Over the last twenty-five-plus years, the Master's Degree in Brand Management and Communication has contributed to creating a community of more than 500 alumni, who currently do branding work for leading companies worldwide. Although they studied in different academic years, they all know each other and occasionally work together, helping and sharing knowledge with one another. After completing your Master's Degree, you will be able to work for communication and advertising agencies as Brand Manager, Product Manager, Brand Strategist, Account Manager, Brand Consultant and Strategic Planner.


Study programme

Throughout your Master's Degree, we will analyse economic and cultural scenarios of contemporary life, focusing on key strategic aspects of branding, marketing and communication tools, as well as brand management.

With the skills acquired along the way, you will learn how to properly identify your target market and its patterns of behaviour. This is a crucial step when it comes to defining your product or service in terms of distribution strategy, target markets, marketing and communication strategies and activities.

We will study branding throughout the whole process: from building brand equity -i.e. setting brand values, brand positioning, and planning marketing activities accordingly- to taking specific actions for brand growth and development.
Finally, as the course ends we will approach the topic of self in a specific module marketing: this will provide an overview of the best tools for making a powerful self-presentation - video, paper or web - along with an introduction to public speaking techniques.


Filippo Selden

Expert in Marketing, Public Speaking and Digital Branding

Course Coordinator

Gordon Cesareo

A brand design consultant and creative director, specialising in consumer branding and corporate identity

Course Coordinator

Nikolas Bass Kallmorgen

Event Manager, Trainer, Interior Design Photographer

Giancarlo Bonora

Senior Partner - PEOPLE Research

Matteo Flora

Adjunct Professor of Corporate Reputation & Storytelling, Founder - The Fool

Lorenzo Foffani

Head of Strategy

Hoang Huynh

Head of Customer Experience and Service Design, Corporate advisor and Entrepreneur in Residence

Federica Landi

Business Development and International Coordination Director

Cinzia Malerba

Strategic Design Lead - CBA

Diletta Toniolo

Independent Design Professional and Journalist

Francesco Ungaro

Owner of Ghost Presenter, Strategist Freelance, Docente di Branding, TEDxMilano Speaker Coach

Mattia Valenza

Senior Digital Marketing Consultant

Manfredi Pedone

Founder Plan Be srl

Alan Cassini

Responsible for the management, growth and performance of Alten Italia's Industry Division

Sergio Novello

President and CEO - Sonepar Italia SpA

Adriano Martella

Creative Director    

Elio Carmi

Creative Director at Carmi e Ubertis

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