Illustrazione Digitale



Start date

May 2023




On Campus


2 Months

The Digital Illustration course offers a creative learning process using techniques and drawing tools that consider graphic and illustration as a unique concept, which is essential for realizing images with a strong creative impact.

Graphic and illustration are still two very different fields: graphics are in charge of managing the space whereas illustrators evoke emotions.
But because of timing and costs, in daily work even the graphic finds itself in the position of realizing images, drawings and illustrations. Likewise, the illustrator has to handle complex projects and to use elements of graphic design.
New technologies in computer graphics tend to mix up these two different competences and propose standard and pre-packed creative solutions.

Admission requirements: knowledge of the Macintosh operating system and of, at least, one Adobe’s software.

Language: The lessons are held in Italian language; to attend the course, is required a good knowledge of Italian language reading and oral comprehension.


  • Graphic Design. Drawing vectors with Adobe Illustrator: tools and working methodology for managing shapes and outlines.
  • Colour. Creating and applying colours and artistic effects with Adobe Photoshop: tools and colouring techniques.
  • Graphic Composition. Managing texts and images with Adobe InDesign: to realize creative multipage documents.
  • Sketch. Freeform drawing as a basis for complex projects: quick drawing techniques.
  • Iconographic Research. Image sources and basic notions of copyrights.
  • Entry Test. Lesson with Adobe Illustrator: interface and tools.
  • Adobe Illustrator: drawing and colouring tools.
  • Working with text, shapes and colours.
  • Quick freeform drawing techniques.
  • Lesson on Photoshop: interface, tools, scan job, image editing.
  • Colour, image processing, iconographic research.
  • Adobe InDesign: interface and tools, basic notions of design and layout.
  • Interaction among the three software (Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign).
  • Project implementation: editorial covers.
  • Project implementation: editorial infographics.
  • Project implementation: Poster Art.
  • Project implementation: editorial spread.
  • Final exam.

Graphic tablet will be used during lessons.


Graziano Vitale