Fashion Product and Merchandising Manager



Start date

January 2024




On campus


6 Months

Course coordinator

Stefania Nardelli, Stefania Maglia


3.450 €

The Product Manager and Merchandising Manager are key roles in the fashion system.

The Product Manager follows the progresses of the creative process, conveys ideas into concrete concepts and at the same time is able to add value to existing products, turning them into innovative proposals. He/she has a deep knowledge of fabrics’ features and characteristics enabling him/her to use them in an optimal manner. Knowing textiles and clothing techniques, timing and production costs, he/she is able to think of possible solutions for creative, qualitative, technical and economic effects on the final product.

The Merchandising Manager follows all the creative processes originating from an idea until its production. He/she coordinates the different phases of the project implementation, starting from the choice of materials to the development of the first samples, the production and the final commercialization. He/she defines strategic directions in distribution policy, the timing and the pricing policy, playing a strategic role in the positioning of a brand in the market, securing a cost-effective investment in innovation and industrialization. 

Language: The lessons are held in Italian language; to attend the course, is required a good knowledge of Italian language reading and oral comprehension.

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Strategic elements combine with the knowledge of technical aspects of the product. It is of primary importance that both professional figures are able to interact with designers, pattern makers, purchase department, production and marketing.
Covering key roles in the production process, product managers and merchandising managers should have an extensive knowledge of the fashion system and a broad view of the market and of its dynamics. What is also crucial is the capacity of observing changes in life-styles and of seizing opportunities that are useful for their reference target, while taking into account the necessities of the marketing and sales area.

Therefore, the Fashion Product and Merchandising Manager course develops around different phases of a clothing collection, exactly as it happens in a fashion company. It will examine timings, processes, research phases, market analysis, budgeting, cool hunting and the creation of a collection, realization techniques, launching times for sample collections, research and coding of the materials and fabrics, technical production sheets and the interaction between different institutions and actors involved in the process. 

The teaching methodology combines frontal lessons with practical lessons aiming at enhancing the course contents through practical experience. Students will be asked to actively participate and contribute to the learning process through intermediate tests, researches and in-depth analysis of one or more topics of the course, to be presented and discussed during lessons.


Stefania Nardelli

Course Coordinator

Silvia Mazzanti

Chiara Franchi

Graziano Vitale

Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Visual Recorder

Luca Paganelli

Serena Sala

Sociologist and Visual Communication Consultant


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