Visual Merchandiser



Start date

November 2023






7 Months

Course coordinator

Emanuela Franzese


3.800 €

Visual Merchandiser: course is to approach the techniques of image design and organisation in a fashion store

The objective of the Visual Merchandiser course is to approach the techniques of image design and organisation in a fashion store, considered as the space of communication of the fashion product, by creating set-ups that visually represent and emphasise the image of the brand, from the analysis of the product and its concept to its design.
The good management of space is becoming a critical factor for the success of retail stores. The course focuses on the modern standards of communication and exhibition of the product, so as to train professionals of the layout, display and merchandising management within a fashion store.
The Visual Merchandiser course is open to fashion enthusiasts or professionals, especially those working in the distribution system. The course provides the essential tools to organise the product range according to rational criteria (colours, sizes, folding...) and to manage the brand image in the point of sale: presentation of the total looks, use of colour, exhibition layout, set-up design and windows concepts’ design. Furthermore, particular attention will be placed on the role of the consumer and the evolution of his shopping habits in the fashion sector based on the contemporary fashion trends and according to the different perceptions of the product, of its values and meaning and to the mechanisms of creation of the demand. 

Language: The lessons are held in Italian language; to attend the course, is required a good knowledge of Italian language reading and oral comprehension.

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The teaching method consists in traditional lessons and practical sessions aimed at gaining a deeper understanding of the course’s theoretical contents through direct experience. The students will be encouraged to participate in and contribute to the learning process through continuous research and by deepening on specific topics covered in the course, to be presented or discussed during the lessons as well as through interim tests.


Emanuela Franzese

Visual Merchandising Consultant

Course Coordinator

Francesca Perani

Architetta-attivista, grafica, illustratrice e docente IED

Giacomo Cusano

Director of Education at Krisalide Institute, Freelance consultant

Chiara Franchi

Mia Vilardo

Serena Sala

Sociologist and Visual Communication Consultant

Giovanni Ottonello

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