Cool Hunter



Start date

March 2023


Full time




2 Months


1000 €

The Cool Hunter applies a sociological research approach based on the visual exploration of the changes in human taste, thought and lifestyle and their translation into possible consumption scenarios.

The Cool Hunter must identify, analyse and translate new trends and contemporary dynamics into clear concepts to be used as tools for designing fashion products.
The aim of the workshop is to understand fashion as a flow of trends and as a dimension in which consumers play the increasingly active role as indicators of emerging needs. The workshop is an educational experience that will allow students to learn a research approach through the method of the learning by doing and will lead them to develop a cool hunting research with the support of the teacher. The trends analysis implies an ability to observe the surrounding reality as well as an insightful and curious spirit, which will be stimulated through iconographic research.

Language: The lessons are held in Italian language; to attend the course, is required a good knowledge of Italian language reading and oral comprehension.

Information to decide

The teaching method consists in traditional lessons and practical sessions aimed at gaining a deeper understanding of the course’s theoretical contents through direct experience. The students will be encouraged to participate in and contribute to the learning process through continuous in-depth research on specific topics covered throughout the course, to be presented or discussed during the lessons.


Lesson 1
What does cool hunting mean? It means analysis of the possible scenarios, tools and methods to be used for research. Understanding of the fashion trends’ hierarchies and of the relationships between macro-trends and sectorial trends. Launch of the project brief.
Lesson 2
Analysis of the theories on the relationship between fashion and sociology: by looking at the contemporary age, the lesson will investigate on the role of fashion within a social context. How the interpretation of a social behaviour can help translate it into a fashion product. Monitoring of the project development.
Lesson 3
Image and imagination communication. How to look at trends, how to develop a concept and a visual perspective. Trends as tools for analysis and for creative hypotheses. Monitoring of the project development.
Lesson 4
Analysis of the consumer, of his needs and of the possible responses to such needs. Tools and methods of the consumption models. Identification of a target and making of a story. Educational trip.
Lesson 5
Presentation and exhibition of the research project carried out during the course.


Serena Sala

Sociologist and Visual Communication Consultant

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