Start date

November 2022


Full time


On campus


8 Months


10.000 €

The Foundation Year in Italian Language & Creativity is an interdisciplinary initiative aimed at helping to meet the linguistic requirements and acquire the skills necessary for admission to First Level Academic Diploma courses

In addition to the acquisition of language skills, obtained through intensive language lessons and activities aimed at integrating participants in the socio-cultural environment, the course provides a basic knowledge of the system and culture of Italian Design and introduces the methods and techniques of creative professions, illustrating their values and evolution.

The course employs the practical experimentation of methods related to the different disciplinary areas offered by IED. This way, students receive the orientation necessary to choose the curriculum that best corresponds to their aptitudes and are thus facilitated in the learning process throughout the three-year courses of study offered by the IED network.

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The methodology foresees the alternation of practical sperimentation, theoretical lessons, demonstrative lessons, guided visits; the course also includes workshops through witch the partecipants, divided into working groups, are encoureged to apply the notions and techniques acquired and to develop dynamics of interaction with the professors and classmates. Tutoring activities are also planned, both in terms of language support and in terms of subject matter. The course runs for a whole academic year and is divided into three phases that end with a final examination.

The course is aimed at those who need to reach a B2 level of Italian and to acquire the knowledge, skills and abilities required for a future in the creative industry. The course is suitable for candidates who meet the prerequisites for admission to undergraduate courses and whose language level is insufficient for attendance of the three-year course and is open to all those who have no previous studies in the creative and artistic sectors. 


Phase 1. Language skills

Phase 1 of the course is preparatory and aims to provide students with the necessary tools to acquire, improve and deepen their individual language skills (spoken and written language, listening and reading comprehension) in an effective manner and in line with the level of language identified at the begining of the course.

Phase 2. Deepening

The module aims to consolidate language skills and to deepen contextual knowledge of the culture of the project and more generally of Italian culture, with particular attention to the creative and artistic field. The course is developed through theoretical lessons, meetings, guided visits and experimental activities oriented towards dialogue, exchange and comparison.

Phase 3. Orientation

The module offers intensive transversal workshops, through which the student can acquire and experience cultural and communication knowledge, as well as basic technical and instrumental specialised skills related to the different fields of address.  

Final examination

The course ends with the final examination, which consists of:

  • Assessment of the level reached through a language test;
  • Final assessment of the portfolio of works produced during the workshops. 


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