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November 2024






4 Months

Course Coordination

Luisa Macciocca, Luigi Sardiello


2.700 €

Using the “learning by doing” methodology, this classic but always new course follows the evolution of marketing and advertising to provide you with a precise method with which to become familiar with the working environment

Learn about marketing models and new trends in advertising communication.

Communication, marketing, and advertising: these terms are often viewed as equivalents or overlapping, or even as distinct and unrelated fields. In reality, they are closely related and must be recognised in order to have a complete understanding of a product/service from the moment it is conceived to its launch. The purpose of this course is to help you develop an understanding of the bigger picture. You will gain an understanding of how each profession fits into the context and enables you to achieve your goals. This course is designed to enhance or reinforce your marketing and communication skills through a practical and operational approach, including workshops, exercises, and case histories. As a final step, you will be required to design an advertising campaign and develop a comprehensive marketing plan.

Information to decide

Learn the tools and skills necessary to manage the launch of a product or service

As part of the course, you will learn how to make autonomous decisions regarding a product or service, in its different aspects:

  • Features of products and services to be proposed to consumers
  • Criteria for pricing, distribution, corporate communication and public relations
  • Strategies for advertising and promotion that are more effective than those of the competition.

This course will not only provide you with theoretical knowledge, but will also present it in such a way that it becomes immediately applicable thanks the course's practical modules. Through exercises and comparisons (analysis of case studies, exercises on real cases) with professionals in the field as well as with other participants, the workshop programme allows you to put into practice the fundamental principles you have learned.

Exposed to a dynamic environment, you will learn how to deal with a competitive business market, achieve important business and personal goals, and work as part of a team.

The methodology of this course allows you to learn skills that follow a cross pattern according to:

  • a vertical line, which concerns the transfer of tools:
    • marketing models
    • formats of the advertising world
  • horizontal line covering soft skills for all tools:
    • ability to work in a team
    • leadership
    • communication
    • strategy building
    • work ethic and creative choices

All this finds practical implementation in the project work, in which two companies are involved with real marketing and advertising projects.

Have you taken theoretical courses in marketing, communication and/or advertising and want to learn how to put them into practice?

Do you already work in these fields and wish to specialise or expand your areas of expertise? Or have an understanding of how your work fits into a broader process and relates to other colleagues' expertise? Do you work in a family business and want to deepen the knowledge that has been handed down to you? Do you want to start a new business?

Then this course is the right choice for you.

The course is aimed at anyone interested in becoming a professional in Marketing, Corporate Communication, and Advertising, as well as realising projects for clients, companies, organisations, and associations.

This course is considered one of IED's milestones. This is because it offers on the one hand knowledge of established subjects, and on the other hand an approach to constant updating according to the latest developments.

All lecturers are professionals with a passion for teaching, who are skilled at explaining a particular subject, are knowledgeable about the working methodologies they use, and have the ability to deal with problems and challenges in everyday life.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to choose between two career paths:

  • with regard to marketing, you can either be a Product Manager, who is in charge of all aspects of putting a product or service on the market, or a Sales Manager, in charge of selling the product.
  • in the communication field, you may become an advertiser, focussing more on the creative writing or visual aspect of content (Copywriter/Art Director), or devote yourself to market research, sales promotion, accounting, events, sponsorship, public relations or press office work.


The marketing modules will focus on the tools needed for a product/service to be successful (business plan, marketing strategy, marketing plan, etc.), dealing with product levers (the famous marketing mix: product, price, distribution, communication). As part of these lectures, there will also be the opportunity to study more in-depth topics related to corporate communication, such as brand management, public relations, press office, sponsorship, event planning, and public speaking.

The advertising module, on the other hand, is divided into three subject areas:

  • Cultural:
    • to allow you to familiarise with the history, roles, and essential vocabulary of advertising;
    • to provide you with the necessary tools, including narrative structures, copy and visual templates, and successful case histories;
    • to enhance the creative process, from the brief to the brainstorming and testing stages.
  • Technical: dedicated to content creation as well as knowledge of advertising tools and spaces, but also different techniques (ambient, viral and guerrilla, for example).
  • Design: to put the first two areas into practice.

The training course concludes with the creation of an integrated campaign.


Luisa Macciocca

Managerial Development and Management Consultant

Course Coordinator

Luigi Sardiello


Course Coordinator

Massimiliano Pistonesi

Valentina Cinelli

Art Director, Photographer, Digital PR

Americo Bazzoffia

Marco Valente

Paolo Ricci

Riccardo Peroni