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In view of the evolution of recent years, globalization, new lifestyles, technological innovation, changes in consumer and purchasing behavior, new and changing fashions and competitiveness, navigating the complex world of fashion requires a combination of elements such as careful strategy and a precise sales plan to be able to determine the success of a brand on the market.

In this regard, the Fall Semester of Fashion Marketing allows you to understand and deepen the various phases of the strategic marketing process within the fashion system. 

By examining in a schematic and pragmatic way themes such as the concept of branding, market research, new communication technologies, public relations activities, product positioning, new trends, distribution channels, we provide you with the cognitive and operational tools necessary to support the brands operating in this sector with the formulation of targeted and effective policies and tactics.


  • Start date
    September 2022
  • Duration
    15 weeks
  • Attendance
  • Language

Schedule:  Lessons run from Monday to Friday, full-time.

Target:  Students attending their second year of university studies in Communication, Marketing or Fashion Styling, and for professionals working in one of these fields, seeking to achive career development and additional skills and knowledge in a specific field.

Methodology and structure: This education path alternates theoretical lessons with workshops and meetings with representatives of leading companies in the sector and international designers. Topics such as branding and fashion marketing, which are the bases for the creation of effective and strategic marketing plans, coherent brand philosophy, image construction and ultimately good sales will be thoroughly covered in the classroom as well as during the project work and presentations.

You will work in touch with fashion manufacturers of ‘Made in Italy’ production, aiming at communicating and promoting in an innovative way the tangible and intangible values of Italian product in the contemporary fashion market.


  • Topics

    • Branding

      This course is focused on the principles and methodologies applied to the fashion industry. Explores how a company’s identity, image and values establish the basis for effective and successful communication and growth. This course is focused on the basic principles and methodologies applied to the fashion industry. 

    • Fashion Communication and Public Relations

      Introduces the fundamental techniques and styles in the creation of a fashion communication strategy and advertising campaign. The role of advertising in communication strategies; study of types of advertisement, media and message and how they combine into cohesive communication for fashion companies and products.

    • Social Media Lab

      During this course you learn the methods and strategies for communicating a project using new (social) media: recognizing the creative process (from conception to completion), choosing and organizing the information, interacting with the dialogue partner, studying the most effective communication model to adopt.

    • History of Fashion Photography

      The course explores the endlessly fruitful and fascinating relationship between photography and fashion in Western culture. With an European and North-American focus, classes follow a chronological order, ranging from the 1840s, when photography first appeared, to our days. Starting with the first daguerreotypes, the course considers the relationship between photographers, art directors, stylists and artistic avant-gardes in the 1930s and 1940s.

      The program coninues with the research developments in the following decades up to the marriage of art and fashion in the 1980s and ‘90s, when barriers between “low” and “high” culture melt and fashion houses began to work with fine artists. Great attention is paid to contemporary developments, i.e., the latest fashion campaigns both in magazines and online.

      Through power point presentations, visits, video clips and movies, the course analize in-depth the visuals and ideas that have shaped the past and contributed so much to the present development of trends, looks and styles in every aspect of fashion, communication and culture at large.

    • Fashion Event

      This course primarily aims to develop your ability to find and analyze the difference between all the typologies of events used to promote a single object, a collection, a brand or a shop considering a fashion event as part of the communication and marketing process of a company.

      You will learn to conceive and plan the events strategy, in all its parts – from the brand identity to the concept and suggestions in order to present your ideas to the client.

    • Fashion Marketing and Management

      This course covers fundamental marketing and management strategies for the fashion industry. Special attention will be given to specific examples and case studies in Italy.


    • Trend Forecasting

      Study of the methodologies for trend forecasting used in the fashion industry with a special focus on new media. Creation of a trend book related to trade fairs and socio-cultural analysis. Target identification and style research are also key features of this course. 

    • Project Methodology

      Analytical tools to examine the interactions among products and the production process. Fundamental concepts to understand the influences that scientific and cultural components have on a product. You will acquire awarness and learn to manage all the phases involved in the production process.

    • Technology of Materials: Leather Accessories

      The main focus is leather and the accessories market. You will learn to search for ideas, inspirations, and trends in order to create new collections based on the high quality concept and uniqueness of the Made in Italy. Florence as the main historic district of leather will serve as the starting point of the analysis and research, which then will expand to other Italian leather districts. The final output will be a paper project for a leather capsule collection, developed according to the contemporary fashion trends, having the possibility to create a small physical product (SLG – small leather good).

    • Made in Italy

      Overview of the evolution and great innovators of Italian concept while examining contemporary designers, products, and trends.
      The focus is on the emotional, expressive and sensorial value of fashion, decor and accessories. Florence will serve as the classroom to observe and evaluate contemporary creative and commercial realities.

Remarkable is that teacher who accomplishes himself what he teaches to others.
(Italian proverb)

IED faculty are professionals that daily face the market. Here you can read their bios.

Andrea Sicuro

Andrea Sicuro
Architect and Co-founder of the knitwear fashion brand Architect and Co-founder of the knitwear fashion brand Patafisic, his main activities are interior and fashion design. He mainly deals with the technical aspects of fashion products' creation and distribution, interior design, design of furniture on commission and research and purchase of pieces of furniture and decoration. He collaborates with Flair Home Collection and with the Firma Prima Design in Florence.

Rodolfo Bargelli

Rodolfo Bargelli
Teacher of Artistic disciplines, he studies the relationship between Art and Fashion as part of History of Costume. He has taught History of Art and of Artistic Techniques, History of Drawing, Aesthetics, Visual Perception, Fashion Semiotics. During his teaching experience, he specialised in Drawing for Fashion (Techniques for Fashion Sketching, Technical Drawing and Illustration, Moodboard etc. for Apparel and Accessories Bags, Footwear and Jewelry).

Margherita Abbozzo

Margherita Abbozzo
Graduated in Art History and then in Fine Arts at the Byam Shaw Art School in London. She writes on contemporary art, photography and science for numerous Italian and international art and photography publications. She’s also a teacher, keeps a visual blog for a radio station and runs art classes and workshops. Her works are in public and private collections in Italy, England and America and her books are in the permanent collections of TATE Modern and the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

Arianna Mereu

Arianna Mereu
Arianna Mereu is a Coolhunter and a Fashion Designer. She collaborated with important companies (Sixty Group, Levi’s, Iceberg, Max Mara group) both as a womanswear designer and a coolhunter, for her ability to travel the world seeking what’s new and cool around. She spent some time in Hong Kong, working as a Coolhunter and Reporter for She is currently living in Italy, working as a Freelance for several brands.

Carlotta Malafarina

Carlotta Malafarina
During many years experience, Carlotta worked in Fashion Companies as Communication Manager and in famous Italian Marketing/ADV agencies and International Fashion brands, as Southern-Europe PR Coordinator, Italian press office and Fashion show Manager. Currently she works in communication and Marketing as a consultant and collaborates with International Companies and brands on communication strategies, mainly on Media plans, Social Media analysis, events management, press office and PR.

Michelangelo Guarise

Michelangelo Guarise
Founder of Volumio, a multimedia start up, his fields of work are Interaction Design, Web Design, Digital Marketing and Growth Hacking. He cooperates with several R&D international teams, ranging from multimedia applications to technology innovation in hi-end products. Graduated in Psychology, his main interest is technological innovation, about which he is particularly interested in the human and cognitive aspects, for national and international fashion brands.

Francesca Graziano

Francesca Graziano
Graduated with a BA in International Law at the University of Florence and trained as a sollicitor in London, she decided to pursue a career in fashion communication attending several UAL courses. In London, she gained a valuable experience in the fields of public relations and communication for luxury brands working for agencies, such as Karla Otto and Starworks Group (SWG), through which she developed an extensive knowledge of the international media landscape and internationalisation strategies.

Paola Passeri

Paola Passeri
Architect, specialised in motion graphic and video design. Professional development of media for visual communication: from graphic design to corporate and promotional videos, to audiovisual products for educational and teaching, to museum video settings, to contents for interactive video installations.

Daniela Fiorilli

Daniela Fiorilli
Freelance Designer and Stylist Consultant. She started her career working for major companies both in Italy and abroad. In 2001 she founded her studio offering her experience to important brands of ready-to-wear and luxury denim. In 2012 she launches Guen womenswear capsule collection. She was selected by Vogue Italia as one of the new emerging talents for Vogue Talents September 2013 issue. On July 2015 her collection was selected together with the most interesting new fashion projects around the world and exhibited during the Florence fashion week.  

Andrea Banfi

Andrea Banfi
After a humanistic education, he specialised in the field of communication and marketing in various sectors (environment, design, fashion, social) between narration and protection of creative talent. He contributed to the launch and communication of various realities related to the Third Sector, competing with the story of design and creative talent in Italy and abroad, also managing civil and environmental awareness and information projects. He worked on international projects in Australia and Canada (Winter Olympics), United States, Poland and Japan, as well as for Expo 2015 and the 150th anniversary of the Unification of Italy.