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Three year Courses - Florence

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The Fashion Design program aims at providing a solid foundation in the field of Fashion at large and progressively focus on the aspects of Accessories production, particularly the specifics and particular aspects of bag, shoe, knitwear and jewelry/ eye wear collections and production processes. This focus is meant to form a highly flexible specialist capable of working within various types of environments and with a strong advantage in the field of accessories production, which is what Tuscany is famous for world-wide. Companies that create fashion accessories in Tuscany range from the top-level small artisanal producer (i.e. Stefano Bemer), to the small-medium size company (about 12:000 of them in Tuscany),  all the way up to the largest multinationals (i.e. Gucci, Ferragamo, Fendi, Prada).

Title –This BA is recognized by Italian Ministry of Education Research (MIUR) as an Academic Diploma Level I and awards 180 credits.

Professional profiles: Fashion Designer, Textile Designer, Product Manager, Accessories Designer, Shoe Designer, Collection manager

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  • Start date
    October 2017
  • Duration
    3 years
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The universe of accessories (bags, shoes, small leather goods, etc.) is known as one of the most vital and interesting in contemporary fashion from the point of view of creativity.

The design of these products is currently one of the most important areas in the economy tied to the worldwide fashion system. The accessory has, over time, evolved from a simple piece accompanying clothes, to an iconic object and status symbol, which has become associated with an undisputed esthetic and stylistic value: in parallel, both their design and the professionalism associated with them have conquered an ever more preeminent role in the reality of fashion.


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IED faculty are professionals that daily face the market. Here you can read their bios.

Gabriele Goretti - Course coordinator

Gabriele Goretti - Course coordinator
Architect, Designer, Senior Researcher in fashion design strategy and luxury goods market. Senior Researcher within joint research Labs between Academia and advanced craftsmanship SMES. PhD in Industrial design, his professional profile is focusing on relationships between design strategies and advanced manufacturing processes. Moreover his research is focusing on product values communication, through design-driven innovation based on technology innovation and traceability.  

Matteo Giulio Pagliai

Matteo Giulio Pagliai
Matteo Giulio Pagliai is Director, Executive Producer and Editor. He graduated in DAMS at the University of Florence in 2010 and the following year he graduated in Film Directing at the National School of Film Independent (SNCI) of Florence. In 2012 he founded EcoFrames Film and TV production house cinema / television. He specializes in the art of filmmaking experimenting with different genres, performing in parallel the role of Executive Producer for various film works.