First Class Type – A Crash Course in Font Design

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This typelab will equip you with the conceptual and software tools needed for typeface design and type modification. Whether you are a graphic designer, brand manager, visual artist or calligrapher, by joining this course you will expand your professional skills so as to better manage branding, advertising and editorial projects based on the use of typography. Theoretical lessons will be followed by practical activities and a series of tasks to be developed for the day after. 
The course will run over ten days, with an intensive week of work, followed by a two-day break to finalise the work in view of the final presentation.

Through the course you will meet with well-known professionals in the sector, who, in addition to presenting their works, will be able to answer your questions and review your ideas. 

  • Start date
    July 2021
  • Duration
    18 hours
  • Attendance
  • Language

Attendance: Lessons are spred over 2 weeks and run from 12:10 to 15:10 Italian time, three hours a day every other day. 

Student Profile: we welcome professional graphic designers and brand managers or design students who want to deepen their knowledge in the field of type design. Familiarity with vector digital drawing programmes (Adobe Illustrator or similar) is required. Students must have an upper-intermediate knowledge of English (corresponding to B2 level) in order to attend and benefit from the course.

Metodology and structure: The course is structured as an online laboratory allowing you to deepen your skills in the typography field.
The course is characterised by theoretical lessons, supplemented with practical activities, and a series of tasks to be developed for the day after, or in any case by the end of the course.
During the course, the teacher, professional in the field, will share with you his knowledge and experience and will answer your questions.

The course will be coplemented by a serie of pre-recorded video lessons with IED faculty and IED Alumni on key disciplines of creativity: fashion, interior, product and graphic design, and a selection of cross-disciplinary subjects
The videos are designed to help you build a foundation in the creative fields, or to widen and develop your knowledge in different areas of creativity, in a self-paced learning.


Remarkable is that teacher who accomplishes himself what he teaches to others.
(Italian proverb)

IED faculty are professionals that daily face the market. Here you can read their bios.

Andrea Tartarelli

Andrea Tartarelli
Typography & Infographics Graphic Designer specialized in wayfinding, type design and type engineering. He has collaborated in the creation of fonts with Bubbleboddy, used by Google for the Doodle of the European Football Championships 2016.

Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini

Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini
Founder and Creative Director at Studio Kmzero and Type Designer for Zfonts. Designer and Creative Director for Motion, Print and Advertising. Background in illustration, comic art and gaming development and strong experience in design for multimedia and the web. Interested in mixing new technologies, user experience and visual storytelling. With his partners at Studio Kmzero he has written and directed short animation videos, developed experimental software and websites, and produced print projects, as well as providing a full range of design and consultancy services to clients.