Useful Addresses

Florence offers many recreational opportunities and cultural entertainment. Here are the addresses of some sites that will help you get  the most out of your stay in the city.

Florence’s City Website: it is the city’s official web portal and has updated information on services offered, events and fairs. The website also had a dedicated section for foreigners with a general description of the city and useful reference points of where one can study, work and how to live well in the city.

InToscana: is the official web portal of the Tuscan Region. It is a good reference for Tuscan tips and lifestyles and has news in the culture, traditions and event fields within Tuscany.

Firenze Turismo: Agenzia per il Turismo a Firenze, informazioni riguardanti eventi, mostre, arte, musei hotel ed alloggi.

The Florentine: english news/arts/culture magazine in Florence.