How to reach us


Venice has a close-knit public transport network including water-based and road public transport services.

Many ferry lines allow reaching all parts of the city – including islands – even during the night, while many bus lines leaving from Piazzale Roma connect the city to the land.

For non-residents, the one-way ticket costs €6.50. However, different kinds of season tickets and discounts for students or frequent travellers are available.

The website of ACTV (), the Venice Public Transport Company, offers full information and allows calculating the shorter pathway. Moreover, it is possible to download the updated timetables of the public transport lines by just typing the required destination in the dedicated field of the company portal.

Visit also Hellovenezia to obtain useful information about how to move around the city.

From Venice it is possible to reach any destination on the national territory by train.
Santa Lucia Train Station can be easily reached by public transport means.

Visit the website of Trenitalia in order to know timetables and conditions.

Venice is connected to the rest of the world through an important airport: Marco Polo Airport, located not far from the city, it can be easily reached by shuttle buses leaving from Piazzale Roma or by the ferry serviceAlilaguna