September 13, 2017

Exhibition by the teacher Joan Villaplana at the Instituto Cervantes in Beijing

Joan Villaplana, director of the Postgraduate Course in Photography and Visual Language, is still conquering Asia. After displaying his work at the Cui Zhenkuan Art Museum in Xi’an and the International Photography Festival of Pingyao, among others, he is now opening a
new display at the Instituto Cervantes in Beijing.

The exhibition “En la sombra de dos riberas” uses hybrid language combing photography and video-art to narrate one of the most important battles of the 20 th century in Spain: the Battle of the Ebro. Eleven images accompanied by an explanatory text on the historical
moment they represent.

The works on display were taken by Joan Villaplana on the two sides of the river Ebro, where the two sides fought during the Spanish Civil War. The photographs were taken between 2007 and 2015, in many seasons and at many times of day, and reveal the transformation of the landscape over time.

A collection of photographs by Joan Villaplana which brings the history of our country to Asia through a cross-disciplinary approach and a dialogue between different languages. Two aspects which the photographer deems essential when learning and experimenting with

The exhibition “En la sombra de dos riberas” will be on display until the 15th of October at the Instituto Cervantes in Beijing.