January 27, 2017

IED Madrid agrees to the creation of Fashion Academic Chairs with ACME y Tavex

The director of IED Madrid, Dario Assante, the president of ACME (Asociación de Creadores de Moda de España), Modesto Lomba and the general director of Tavex, Luis Aguilar, have signed a collaboration agreement for the creation of the ACME Chair and the Tavex Chair at IED Madrid.

These Chairs, as Dario Assante stated during an event attended by Rocío Ortiz de Bethencourt, the director of IED Moda Madrid, and Pepa Bueno, the executive director of ACME, “consolidate an aspect which forms part of our DNA, our connection with business reality.”

ACME is the Asociación de Creadores de Moda de España (Spanish Fashion Creators Association). Founded in 1998 by the designers Modesto Lomba, Jesús del Pozo, Elio Berhanyer, Antonio Pernas, Angel Schlesser and Roberto Verino, it is a professional organisation with 50 member brands.

Tavex is one of the largest and most important denim manufacturers in the world. With its headquarters in Madrid, the company distributes its fabrics to brands and manufactures in over 50 countries.

The two Chairs share a number of aims: the creation of knowledge, the transmission of it and the connection with the fashion industry. These agreements allow IED Madrid students to establish closer contact with companies, while for ACME and Tavex they provide access to creative talent.

In this sense, the Chairs contemplate the participation of IED Madrid students in activities linked to design, marketing, communication, e-commerce, style design and fashion image via practical experiences, or by integrating former students in the development of a specific project. This is an opportunity for these young designers to acquire an entrepreneurial vision based on formal experience, while they also expand their training.

From a strictly academic perspective, the Chairs will make it possible to promote collaborations between students and ACME designers, and they will make it easier to share specialised knowledge from the members of the association and information regarding denim, thanks to TAVEX. The aim is to offer more comprehensive training to students atIED Moda Madrid.

The ACME (Asociación de Creadores de Moda de España) and Tavex Chairs will encourage relationships between students and companies, allowing the former to experience business reality, and providing the latter with access to the creative talent of IED Madrid.