January 29, 2019

IED talent once again receives an award at a new edition of ModaPortugal

Students from the School of Fashion at IED Madrid have received an award in the Fashion Design Competition of ModaPortugal

IED Madrid has participated as one of the most prestigious fashion and footwear design schools in the Fashion Design Competition of ModaPortugal. One of the most complete and interesting competitions that bring together design and industry taking place in Europe.

The Fashion Design Competition, as part of the programme of the Portugal Fashion Week, aims to discover the talent hidden in the classrooms of European fashion schools and to promote the talent of young fashion and footwear designers.

Two names of IED Madrid students are among those receiving an award, as winners of the awards per country: Carolina Koziski in the Fashion Design category with a feminine collection that pays tribute to all creative and free-spirited women, and Carolina Jackie Moncayo in footwear design with a sample from her own handmade footwear firm.

In addition to the competition, which took place on 20 December, students from the School of Fashion of IED Madrid – Postgraduate Course in Footwear Design and Blended Master in Fashion Design – took the opportunity to visit Porto during the city’s Fashion Week.

The designers discovered the textile industry in the Portuguese city, which is one of the most attractive industries today. Visits to factories and workshops, such as those of L´ Atelier des Créateurs, Calvelex, Crialme, Riopele and Eureka brought the young creators closer to the reality of the sector in which they wish to work.