October 30, 2020

Paula Ulargui: IED Madrid Alumni at the Russian Fashion Week

The former student of the Undergraduate Course in Fashion Design, Paula Ulargui, was selected to be part of the Global Talents Digital of the MBFW of Russia. Ulargi’s work has been featured in the prestigious Russian edition of Vogue.

Her work: Siamese Skins, Two Natures, One Body, is an investigation of sustainable development with the purpose of reconnecting human skin with nature.

“A nature from which we are disconnected and which we are not even capable of feeling the price of its absence. We do not know it, we live far from it and we deny its rhythms and processes in ourselves. The work is inspired by this need and tries to make clothing the tool for this reconnection. How? By feeling it, by dressing it and by putting ourselves at its service. By creating clothes where the human body is, alone and only, the support for nature to grow, sprout, live and create its life cycle. A connection that makes the person who wears these suits feel nature on their skin”, says Paula herself.