May 13, 2019

From idea to success. Masterclass with Ghassan Salameh at IED Design Fest V

Product designer Ghassan Salameh will give a masterclass on entrepreneurship in design. Activity that forms part of the programme of the 5th Edition of the IED Design Fest

The restlessness to be our own boss, the excitement of creating our own company and seeing it grow or the reward of the success of those who set up a new business are some of the ideas that many designers have in their heads.

As part of Design Fest, the creative festival organized by IED Madrid, the designer and alumnus of IED Madrid Ghassan Salameh will give a masterclass where he will teach in just one hour the keys for developing a business plan and successfully becoming a part of the creative industries.

Who is Ghassan Salameh?

Ghassan Salameh, an alumnus of the Masters of Design and Innovation at IED Madrid, is a product designer based in Beirut. He combines his work as a creator with research and teaching.

Ghassan runs his design practice in Beirut focusing on lighting installations and product design. His experience also includes Production Management of the Beirut Art Center in 2014-15, as well as on-going collaborations in urban design, public space and design for social impact. In 2018, Ghassan curated Beirut Design Week’18: Design & the City, where designers were encouraged to become change instigators with their practices.

Currently, Ghassan is a consultant with the Goethe-Institut Libanon on the FANTASMEEM programme, which offers training modules and grants for design entrepreneurs and start-ups.

Masterclass “From idea to success. How to start a design business”

How to start a business in design and not die trying. Overcoming the concerns and insecurities associated with developing a design-oriented business plan and establishing a clear action plan can be a major challenge for companies and entrepreneurs. This talk (in English) will address life after studying design, the endless opportunities for designers to develop their practice beyond the academic discipline and beyond the needs of creative industries.

Friday, 24 May
6 PM to 7 PM

IED Madrid | Palacio de Altamira
Calle de la Flor Alta 8
<M> Callao or Santo Domingo

Free admission with prior registration