December 5, 2018

We are celebrating a decade inspiring design leaders at the IED Madrid

A decade has passed since IED Madrid started to provide pioneering training in design: the Masters of Design and Innovation.

With the new edition of the Masters of Design and Innovation –Communication Design LabsStrategic Design Labs y Product Design Labs–, we are celebrating ten years of training professionals capable of leading change in design areas under different approaches: business strategy, production and communication.

LATAM, India, USA, Lebanon, the Philippines and Australia are some of the countries of origin of our students. Creatives from different nationalities and disciplines – engineering, visual arts, design, marketing, communication and business – form part of the history of the Masters of Design and Innovation.

Programmes that are genuine experiences for the learning and personal growth of creativesTrips to the five continents, including China, the Amazon, Amsterdam and Copenhagen, are an essential part of the programme for changing students’ perception of design and innovation.

A decade of Masters of Design and Innovation shows how creative processes applied to design help in any area of the company. Many students have passed through our classrooms and are now outstanding professionals who occupy positions of responsibility in companies throughout the world. Furthermore, many others have turned the projects incubated during the nine months of the programme into successful businesses.

Since the beginning of the programme, many national and international teachershave visited our classrooms. Renowned working professionals, such as Ugo Ceria (Creative Strategist at Facebook), Clive Van Heerden (Director at vHM Design Futures) and Oksana Udoyvk (Sustainability Expert).

In addition, in the Masters of Design and Innovation, the collaboration of leading companies in the sector is essential for achieving our students’ objectives. Over these 10 years, institutions such as EFP, IKEA, Parque Reunidos, Fundación Vicente Ferrer,Sustainability Institute and ArcelorMittal have collaborated through visits, workshops and projects.

We are celebrating ten years of success in creating an ideal atmosphere for establishing possible future scenarios, turning them into business opportunities, creating new products and developing an effective and original communication concept aimed at new markets and audiences.