December 5, 2013

The brand Planet Palmer and the IED Visual Communication Madrid present, Sociedades Secretas: Magnetica

Magnetism, “magnetico” in Latin, is a physical phenomenon whereby objects exert forces of attraction and vibration. The term “magnate” comes from the same root, and in Ancient Rome magnates were seen as possessing great power and attraction, leading early societies.

The title of the project refers to magnetism, a physical phenomenon in which objects exert forces of attraction and vibrations. Perhaps this is the same force that has led the IED Visual Communication Madrid to set up an interactive audio-visual installation entitled Sociedades Secretas: Magnetica, based on the latest collection by the firm Planet Palmer, made up of former students at the IED Moda Lab Madrid.

The main mission of this project is to transform a fashion collection into a contemporary work of audio-visual art, promoting the participation of visitors throughout the process. By means of electromagnetic vibration sensors, the Exhibition Space at the IED Madrid will become a gigantic tool for generative art. It offers an analysis of new uses and meanings of terms such as Pop up Show, presentation event, audio-visual museum, store, etc.

This project has been directed by Toño Cabanelas, a teacher at the IED Visual Communication Madrid, an audio-visual engineer and programmer. As a DJ, speaker and designer of multimedia experiences, he has enjoyed the special collaboration of Planet Palmer and the original design of the students of the 3rd year of Graphic Design. 

Technology used: Max For Live, Ableton Live, Arena Resolume, OSC, Midi, iPad and piezoelectric sensors.

In parallel, a series of talks will take place at the IED Madrid and the Fundación Telefónica, to share the project and talk about this design discipline.

Tuesday the 10th of December
IED Madrid
Micro-talk: Planet Palmer and IED Visual Communication Madrid present Sociedades Secretas: Magnetica, by Toño Cabanelas.

Fundación Telefónica
MMD Digital Lecture: Diseño, música e interactividad: del home studio al home lab, by Toño Cabanelas.


Sociedades Secretas: Magnetica
Opening: Wednesday the 4th of December at 19.30h.
Exhibition: from the 12th to the 19th of December 2013.
Opening hours: from Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 20.00h.

Exhibition Space at the IED Madrid
Calle Flor Alta, 8