February 26, 2014


On the occasion of the celebration of ARCO, the artist Maria Cristina Finucci presents the installation The Garbage Patch State- Madrid, with the participation of the IED Madrid and the special collaboration of ENDESA.

From the 18th of February to the 7th of March, at the Palacio de Altamira, headquarters of the IED Madrid. Free Entrance .

Maria Cristina Finucci has carried out her installation The Garbage Patch State- Madrid, following the first work, exhibited last April at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris, and the second exhibited at the Ca’ Foscari University on the occasion of the Venice Art Biennial. This third work will be shown at the IED Madrid (Centre for Higher Education in Design) –within the activities of ARCO 2014–. 

The Garbage Patch State – Madrid is a work which forms part of the WASTELAND global project, a work in progress. It is about condemning the harm caused by the enormous islands of plastic refuse that exist on our planet. These immense islands, which can cover 16 million sq km and are usually about 30 metres deep, originate when tons of plastic refuse comes together and is carried by sea currents to the centre of the oceans, reduced to minute pieces by the action of sun and water and becoming almost invisible to the naked eye. It is estimated that this concentration of plastic fragments contains, on average, approximately 46,000 elements in every one and a half kilometres.

Actions like The Garbage Patch State Paris, Venice and now Madrid, hope to highlight a worrying reality and activate the dynamics to make people aware of a growing problem connected to consumption and the lack of treatment of waste products.

All these actions form part of a transmedia narrative that recreates an imitation of a State –Nation as the identity of a country, which aims to offer a specific image of an environmental problem that is immense and very difficult to perceive, and which the communication media will echo and so multiply the effect of the support of international and local institutions.

On this occasion María Cristina Finucci has chosen Madrid to continue showing the existence of the Garbage Patch State, with the special collaboration of the 3rd year Interior Design students of the IED Madrid, who have designed an exhibition to continue spreading the news of its existence.

After Madrid, the project will continue in the MAXXI Museum of Rome, from the 11th of April, 2014, with a large installation, which will comprise the embassy of the Garbage Patch State and a 40 metre high sculpture.

The art intervention at the IED Madrid will have two settings and moments: an installation outside the IED Madrid Palacio de Altamira headquarters, on calle Flor Alta, in which, behind a spectacular staging involving a blanket of bottles, another reality is hidden: an eco-system is growing in each of the bottles, and at the end of the process we perceive that inside these containers another life is growing.

The second part of this intervention, will take place in the Exhibition Room of the Palacio de Altamira, with the interpretation and description of the project process carried out by third-year Interior Design students of the IED Madrid, under the direction of the architect Izaskun Chinchilla and with the support of Adriana Cabello and Jimena Merino.


Maria Cristina Finucci
An Italian artist, architect and designer, who has worked and lived in New York, Paris, Brussels, Moscow and Rome. She now lives and works in Madrid, where she carries out her artistic, multidisciplinary research in areas ranging from the performance to photography, and including the manipulation of films. Maria Cristina Finucci is especially committed to her art project, Wasteland, a work in progress conceived as a transmedia narrative that proposes an imitation of a State, the Garbage State. It is about an action which is simultaneously political, ethical and poetical, aimed at saving the oceans.


The Garbage Patch State- Madrid
From the 18th of February to the 7th of March.
At the Palacio de Altamira, headquarters of the IED Madrid.
Opening hours: from Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 20.00h.

91 448 04 44
Skype: master.iedmadrid
IED Madrid. Flor Alta, 8