Creative Management for Retail

Master Courses - Madrid

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Creative Management for Retail starts from a strategic vision linked to an analysis of the brand and its identity in order to create, develop and implement the messages, positioning and interests to be transmitted to the end consumer. 

Providing coherence to every element, Creative Management aims to deploy a shopping experience that allows the consumer to identify with the brand, relate to it and feel comfortable, thus encouraging their loyalty. 

Discover the importance of communication, sales spaces and channels, online and off-line, and become an expert in brand and product conceptualisation and creative management within the Retail sector, with a 360° perspective.

  • Start date
    October 2020
  • Duration
    9 months
  • Attendance
  • Language


  • Understand the role and scope of Creative Management in Retail.
  • Define design, communication and production strategies for brands, products, services and/or collections.
  • Identify the needs of consumers, suppliers and vendors.
  • Understand retail structures and behaviours.
  • Learn how to design user/consumer experiences (UX - Customer Journey)
  • Learn about the new technologies related to Retail.
  • Visual Merchandising. Experiment and design new product sales and communication models.
  • Create strategies for acquiring customers and selling products.
  • Define the premises for the design of the product environment: physical or online space, points of sale, window displays, publications, etc. 
  • Learn the fundamentals of branding and brand and product identity.
  • Master tools for graphic and technical representation of projects.
  • Acquire knowledge about the characteristics of spaces, lighting, audiovisual media and retail.