Sketching for Product Design Winter Junior Course

Semester Courses - Madrid

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Drawing is a form of communication. It is the basic tool for designers to shape and express their designs. In the world of design, we refer to freehand drawings as sketches.

You already like devising cars, watches or lamps, and the sketching for product design course is the first step for you to learn to use presentation and drawing techniques and for your designs to leap up from the paper.

This course, with a total duration of 60 hours and 6 months, is made up of three independent 20-hour modules. Students may study the full course or just one of the modules.

  • Start date
    October 2019
  • Duration
    6 months
  • Attendance
  • Language

Discover the world of sketching and develop a wide range of expressive techniques, such as perspective and shading, using pencils and pens.


  • To work with basic sketching for product design techniques
  • To learn to represent the volume and proportion of objects
  • To learn to communicate ideas through drawings