Digital Design Applied to Fashion

Master Courses - Madrid

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The Master in Digital Design Applied to Fashion covers 3D and augmented reality, creating fully digital immersive worlds. Today's technology tools offer a variety of possibilities that the design world is making use of in order to create new ways to communicate.

The fashion world is not far behind in the unstoppable digital transformation that society is undergoing. Digital clothing and virtual models and runways open a universe of creative possibilities for experimentation with consumers.

By incorporating technology, the fashion world has undergone a paradigm shift over recent years which opens new doors for designers that allow them to experiment, visualise and create new worlds, making them become reality, differentiating their product, but also the experience offered to customers.

When the physical gives way and a transition to digital begins, you are able to innovate at levels you could not in real life. Fashion designers and digital creators are now converging in digital development, 3D modelling and creating experiences that blur the boundaries between the physical and the virtual.

  • Start date
    January 2022
  • Duration
    11 months
  • Attendance
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