Costume Design

Summer and Winter Courses - Madrid

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The Summer Course in Costume Design introduces students to the creation of film characters through the clothes they wear and their characterisation.

A character’s clothing in a film tells us a lot about who they are. It places us in a particular period, it talks to us about what they do, their mood etc. It plays an essential, but at the same time silent, role that makes a film credible and memorable.


  • Start date
    July 2022
  • Duration
    3 weeks
  • Attendance
  • Language


  • Tackle in a theoretical and practical manner the process for designing a costume up to its production. 
  • Acquire information on the categories and behaviours of materials and fabrics and the creation process. 
  • Acquire a knowledge base relating to techniques such as modelling and tailoring that make it possible to create the preliminary toiles prior to preparing and producing a costume.
  • Develop the ability to create the characteristics of a character in film, series, theatre and television programmes. 
  • Know the aesthetics and styles of each historical period in order to perform thorough and realistic research and documentation processes.
  • Understand the correlation between fashion styling and costumes.