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The IED Madrid Undergraduate Degree in Fashion Design, at the level of an official University Degree (4 years - 240 ECTS), offers comprehensive training in fashion design, based on the study of the conceptual, methodological and technical tools necessary for creating fashion projects of interest in the current context which is so complex and rich in ideas and products.

A fashion designer looks to the future and understands the aesthetic, cultural and functional needs of each moment in order to create new designs. Through specialisation, research and creativity.

Students trained in Fashion at IED Madrid work complete processes. Firstly, they define the brand identity and image; then they focus on the design and production of a collection and, finally, they develop the communication and distribution strategies.

The 4-year educational programme offers the possibility of specialising from the 3rd year onwards in one of these training paths: Prêt-à-porter or Communication and Styling. It is also complemented by workshops, intensive workshops and real projects, a teaching team made up of leading professionals in the fashion industry and various collaborations with brands and companies, which generates a real and very practical work environment.

After completing their studies, including supervised internships in companies and design studios, students obtain an Undergraduate Degree in Design of 240 ECTS credits, which is official and recognised throughout the European Higher Education Area, which allows for international mobility, access to postgraduate courses and official examinations, scholarships and grants from the Ministry.

  • Credits
  • Start date
    September 2021
  • Duration
    4 years
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Training Paths

From the 3rd year onwards, students of the Undergraduate Degree in Fashion Design can choose to specialise between two different training paths:

Specialisation in prêt-à-porter fashion by developing textile construction and representation techniques for the design of women's, men's, children's, lingerie and denim fashion collections.

Communication and Styling
The student acts as creative director of their projects, dealing with the creation of styles, the implementation of the graphic line and executing and coordinating marketing and communication strategies.

The main advantages of the training paths are as follows:

  • They complement the initial theoretical, practical and conceptual foundation by transferring this knowledge to a specific fashion segment.
  • Students specialise in a fashion area in which they will focus their future career.
  • They develop lines of research by applying the new technological processes and expanding the field of action of the fashion industry.

Professional Opportunities

At IED Fashion Madrid students are taught with a multidisciplinary focus which is essential for their professional development and prepares them to stand out in today’s increasingly complex professional world:
Fashion design
Textile designer
Accessory designer
Model maker
Creative director
Fashion communication manager
Purchasing department
Product department