Digital Marketing Management

Master Courses - Madrid

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Technology and digital media are radically transforming the economy and business reality, with new products, services and business models arising to challenge established theories and bring about a new paradigm.
The consumer is no longer a static element at the end of the chain, and is now participating, collaborating, creating, funding, etc. The media are permeable and ubiquitous and communication is becoming much more complex and dynamic. In this context, mainly digital and global, the relationship between the different agents, consumer and business, has many facets and requires professionals with well-defined skills.

With its mixed format, this degree will allow all students to learn, participate and be part of the IED community in person, in physical and virtual classrooms, and remotely.


  • Credits
  • Start date
    October 2021
  • Duration
    9 months
  • Attendance
  • Language

• Acquire the vision, strategic capabilities and tools of digital marketing
• Direct and manage the area of digital marketing at a business level
• Acquire very broad skills that combine technology, analysis, strategy and design thinking
• Understand the digital environment: its impact, challenges and opportunities from a digital perspective
• Use creativity and innovation in the digitalization of processes
• Understand the technology ecosystem in digital management
• Conduct a digital marketing plan to reach customers and get the necessary engagement in the digital environment
• Plan, manage and measure new advertising and digital communication
• Get to know the legal aspects of digital communication 
• Learn to manage the new environment of marketing and communication based on data and its analysis

Professional Opportunities
• Head of Digital Marketing 
• Digital Marketing Manager 
• Social Media Specialist 
• Marketing Analyst 
• Content Strategist  
• CRM Executive