Illustration, Animation and Video Games Winter Junior

Semester Courses - Madrid

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During the school year, stimulate your creativity! This course is aimed at the most restless minds, and will teach you the most entertaining illustration techniques, to help you bring to life your characters and to develop your own videogames whilst you do what you most enjoy: drawing and telling stories.

The Illustration, Animation and Videogames Winter Junior Course, with a total duration of 60 of hours and 6 months, is made up of three independent modules, 20 hours each. Students can take the full course or one of the modules.

The lessons will take place once per week: Thursdays from 18:00 to 20:00 h fro October to June.


  • Start date
    October 2021
  • Duration
    4 months
  • Attendance
  • Language

The Illustration, Animation and Videogame Winter Junior Course is aimed at teens aged between 14 and 18.

During the course the students will learnt to tell stories. 

Module 1 Contents: Illustration
- Take a look around, observe in a productive way
- Portrait and self-portrait
- The city at your feet: drawing our surroundings
- The power to imagine: create your own universe
- Do It Yourself: how to customise your favourite garments and objects

Module 2 Contents: Animation
- From paper to the screen: vector drawing can be cool too
- Designing characters and narratives: from image to text
- Create your world from almost nothing: Stop motion and Lo-Fi Illusionism
- Learn to design in movement: my first Motion Graphics

Module 3 Contents: Videogames
- Hello World! Programming is easy
- Our best friend: Unity 3D
- Graphics and videogames: drawing was never as fun as this
- From the script to playability: what to tell and you to play.