Visual Storytelling

Summer and Winter Courses - Madrid

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The Visual Storytelling Summer Program is a one-week workshop that starts on July 1st.
The term 'storytelling' is used in a narrow sense to refer specifically to oral storytelling and nowadays it refers also to narrative techniques in other media.

This course will help students to gain a deep understanding of visual language and learn how to develop a concept that can be told on different platforms. Students will be taught to prepare a brief, working on a live project and producing media content.

  • Start date
    July 2021
  • Duration
    1 week
  • Attendance
  • Language

The Visual Storytelling Summer Program is aimed to those studying any discipline related with visual arts, communication and advertising.

ObjectivesBy the end of the workshop students will be able to generate a concept through all of its steps:

  • Developing concepts: creating a language form
  • Digital technology as applications for ideas
  • Crossmedia briefs
  • Developing content for various media
  • Photo and Lightning basic knowledge
  • Design: layout basic knowledge
  • Digital Media: editing platforms
  • Work Flow and basic knowledge of Photoshop / Lightroom / Pr / Ae / Fc
  • Pitching ideas and portfolio presentations

The course lasts one week and it can be combided with one of the other summer programs available.